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Haul: Asian Facial Masks! | My Beauty Diary, Etude House, My Scheming

Hi lovelies!
I am back in the UK- just arrived two days ago, so I have been getting over the jet lag and slowly unpacking stuff before I begin my course. Am actually really nervous but excited to start- hope all goes well! Before I left for the UK, I went a bit over the top and bought loads of facial masks to bring over to the UK because these brands are difficult to find here (not to mention pricey) and because I have suddenly decided to give facial sheet masks another go. If you have read this post and some of my other face mask posts, you will know that I much prefer using wash-off masks compared to sheet masks. However, ever since going back home a while back I have been converted and appreciate sheet masks more now than I previously did. So, I just thought I'd show you what I got on my trip back home!


This post will mainly consist of pictures because I honestly cannot think of much to say about them as I have not tested any of them- so might as well show you lovelies plenty of pictures of adorable packaging! =D I bought these masks from three different brands which are all available in Malaysia. You probably may be able to purchase them online if your country does not sell these. Anyway, the three brands are My Beauty Diary (a very famous Asian sheet mask brand) and My Scheming which are both from Taiwan; and Etude House, which is a Korean brand.

When I first saw these My Scheming masks after hitting the stores in Malaysia when I got back, I was so tempted to get the whole lot- but at RM8.90 (approx. £1.78) each, I hit pause and hoped they would be on discount. True enough, there was a 'Buy 1 Second one 50% off' promotion at a Watsons Pharmacy, so I snapped up 4 out of the 5 available at my local Watsons. 

l-r: Tea Tree Silky Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Swiftlet Nest Hydra Mask

l-r: Swiftlet Nest Hydra Mask, Snail Hydra Mask

Out of the four masks above, I am most curious to try the Snail Hydra Mask as I have heard that there are many good properties of snail slime. It probably sounds gross to some but the packaging has made it look so cute that I've gotten over the 'gross' factor and can't wait to try it! These masks also are 2 in 1 where there is the facial mask and a peeling gel/essence/cream to use before/after the mask- which I thought was pretty good.

l-r: Milk Extract Brightening Mask, Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask

These two masks are also from My Scheming which I purchased at a Watsons Pharmacy on a 'Buy 1 Second one 50% off'' promotion. Each mask retails for RM6.90 (approx. £1.38), but I purchased these two for RM10.35 (approx. £2.07). The packaging of the Milk Extract Brightening Mask has attracted me for years, but I have never gotten round to purchasing it till recently.

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Mask Sheet

These masks are from Etude House. Again, I purchased these on a 'Buy 1 Second one 50% off' promotion that Etude House was having. It was frustrating though because I went back the next week and the promotion had changed to 'Buy 1 Free 1'! I had not even used these masks- oh the frustration. But never mind hehe! These retail at RM9.90 (approx. £1.98) each, and I bought them mainly because the salesperson told me that my acne would dramatically improve after one use. I had really bad acne then and the minute I heard that, I was sold. Whether it actually works that way (that claim does seem s bit far-fetched), I will only know once I have tried it.
l-r: Honey Strawberry Mask, Strawberry Milk Mask 
Hello Kitty sheet masks! These are from My Beauty Diary and retail for RM4.90 (approx. £0.98) each, and the packaging is adorable! When I bought these I thought of my sister as she is a huge Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma fan, but did not purchase any for her as her skin is quite sensitive to chemicals.

Now, I only wanted to purchase two out of the five  My Beauty Diary masks you see in the picture above, but I chanced upon this box at one of the Watsons Pharmacy's I visited, and at RM29.90 (approx. £5.98) a set, I thought it was a pretty good bargain and a good reason for me to try all five (hehe!). These masks are also 2 in 1 where there is a facial mask and then an essence to use after- and if I am not mistaken these are one of My Beauty Diary's newest products. Love the packaging too! These retail at RM6.90 (approx. £1.38) each, so I have saved myself RM4.60 with this set.

l-r: Job's-tears Brightening Mask, Calendula Soothing Mask, Black Rose Brightening Mask

l-r: Glasswort Hydrating Mask, Mango Moisturizing Mask
The ones that I originally wanted to purchase were the Glasswort Hydrating Mask and Calendula Soothing Mask, but I am not complaining as this set is a good way to test each mask.  =)
Anyway, this is the end of my haul post, and I've realised that I ended up typing quite a bit! Hehe! I can't wait to test these out, and if you would like to see a review on any specific mask, do let me know in the comments! =D
Have you tried any of these masks? Did you like them? =D
xx Amanda


  1. Lovely haul :) I love face masks to unwind the day - the Beauty Diary is one of the best brands out there!

    1. Thank you! I agree- they really are good! =D

  2. Ah everything looks so cute. Asian products always have cute packaging. Hope you enjoy using them all. And thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)


    1. Yes- Asian products do have the cutest packaging. =) You're welcome!

  3. Hi, I m from KL too, may i know is that all these mask are available at Watson?

    1. Hi Vivian! Yes, most of them are available in Watsons, otherwise you should be able to find them in Guardian. =)

  4. Great post! I'm using one of the Scheming masks now and it's so good and hydrating!

    1. Thank you! My Scheming masks are lovely! Glad you like them too! xx


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