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Review: GelSmart Ceramides Anti-Aging Neck Wrap & Moisturising Gloves

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In a previous post, I mentioned that I was kindly sent three products to test out from GelSmart Malaysia. I have already written a review on their Lavender booties which you can check out here! I will now move on to give my two cents on the Ceramides Anti-Aging Neck Wrap* and Moisturising Gloves*! =) Btw, this post is picture-heavy! Hee!

What is GelSmart?
GelSmart products all have a healing therapeutic aloe vera gel lining which contain 7 essential oils to pamper, moisturise and condition the skin while you wear them. The products come in two different ranges: Lavender and Ceramides.

What are the 7 essential oils?
The oils are: Avocado, Olive, Mineral, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Canola and Soybean

The Ceramides range is also infused with Green Tea and Willow, whereas the Lavender range is infused with Lavender.
What are ceramides?
Ceramides are natural lipids found in the skin's outer layer that helps retain moisture in the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Anyway, onto the review itself, I'll start with the Anti-Aging Neck Wrap* first!

Product: GelSmart Ceramides Anti-Aging Neck Wrap
Price: RM119 (approx. £23.80)
Made in: Taiwan
Content: One (1) piece

Here's an explanation of what the neck wrap does as well as the ingredient list:-

Packaging: The neck wrap (and also the gloves!) come packaged in a sturdy transparent plastic box with the instructions written on top of cardboard attached to it. Simple, fuss-free packaging.

Colour: Both the neck wrap and the gloves are a sweet pastel pink. Lovely colour!

Scent: I cannot put my finger on what exactly the scent is for both the neck wrap and the gloves- they have a comforting scent, something like baby powder and fresh laundry. Haha! But it is not noticeable unless you hold it to your nose to it and breathe in really deeply. From afar, it seems to be unscented.

Application/Texture/Consistency: The neck wrap has a soft, fluffy microfibre outer lining, and is lined with a gel lining on the inside. I really like the outer lining as it is so soft and fluffy! The inner gel lining feels like firm jelly, but with a smooth texture. I just wrap this around my neck and leave it for 30 minutes each time for 2-3 times a week. After I remove it, my neck is left feeling soft and smooth. I have not noticed anything in terms of the anti-aging aspect, but I have only been wearing it for a month, so maybe it takes time for that to work. I don't have lines or wrinkles on my neck though, so maybe this is working in a preventive way for me? I noticed that the neck wrap also left a silky, powdery feel on my neck each time after using it. You may or may not be bothered about this. I was slightly put off by the powdery feel the first time I wore it, but after wearing it a few times, it did not bother me anymore. The major downside with the neck wrap for me is that the edges of the microfiber lining irritated my neck and made me itch. I did not experience any irritation, discomfort or poor circulation with the gel lining itself, but the microfiber was irritating my neck and causing rashes, which annoyed me. I also found it a bit difficult to wrap around my neck as it kept moving around and getting loose, so I had to tighten it a few times.

Gel lining!

How I use it: I usually use this after a shower when my neck is washed and dry. I place the neck wrap around my neck, adjust it accordingly, and then slip in one end through the black "GelSmart" logo tag you see in the picture above to hold the neck wrap in place. After using it, I leave it to air dry before placing it back in its plastic box.
Okay, let's move on to the Moisturizing Gloves* now, shall we? =)

Product: GelSmart Ceramides Moisturizing Gloves
Price: RM 129 (approx. £25.80)
Made in: Taiwan
Content: One (1) pair

Application/Texture/Consistency: These gloves also come with a soft, fluffy microfiber outer lining and an inner gel lining. Wearing these gloves are pretty much fuss-free- just slip them on (gently) like how you would for any gloves. The gel lining gives a soft padded feel to the hands, and because the gel lining is quite squishy, it makes the gloves pretty thick, so I normally use this when I am watching a show or reading something- mainly an activity where I won't need to use my hands much. It also leaves that silky, powdery feel to my hands after each use, but I've gotten used to that feeling so it is okay. I love how soft and smooth it makes my hands after each use. My hands are left feeling less dry, which is good especially now that the winter is here and the air is sharp and leaves the skin feeling very dry.

How I use it: I wash my hands and make sure they are properly dry. Then I gently slip these gloves on and leave them to do their magic for 30 minutes. I use these gloves 2-3 times a week, depending on when I feel like it. Hehe! After each use, I leave it to air dry, especially since my hands tend to sweat a bit when "wrapped up" in padded gloves like these. These gloves did not cause me any discomfort, irritation or poor circulation. The smooth, soft effect lasts for a bout a day.
The pictures below show you how I use them. Sorry it's only one hand; I don't have a tripod so I needed the other hand to snap pictures!

It is stated in the 'Directions' section of the packaging (not pictured) that these products should be replaced after 50 uses of 30 minutes (meaning 1500 minutes) in order to achieve optimal results with these products. You can still use them after having used them for 50 times, but the effect will not be as good as the first 50 times they were used. If the gel lining starts to get tacky, sprinkle talcum powder on it to get rid of the tackiness. The gel lining can also be gently cleaned with a wet towel or wet tissue, if powder is not your thing. Hand wash  these products in lukewarm water with mild soap if they need cleaning, and air dry before reuse. They can also be used with moisturising cream for a deeper treatment, but I did not do so because I was happy with the results (I also dislike having cream on my hands).
Oh, these products should be placed on an open wound and abraded skin. Also, if irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, stop using them!
Would I purchase these?- I really like the effect of both the neck wrap and gloves. They leave my skin feeling smooth, moisturised and soft. I also think they are decently priced. The neck wrap costs RM129, but if used for 50 times, each use only costs RM2.58! The gloves cost RM119, so if used for 50 times, each use costs RM2.38 (approx. £ 0.48). That's cheaper than purchasing a single sheet mask in the pharmacy/drugstore! However, I think I would only purchase the gloves, because the irritation and itchiness caused by the microfibre edges to my neck from the neck wrap is not something I want to deal with each time I use the neck wrap. I do have sensitive skin which is sensitive to 'scratchy' materials like wool, yarn, so am prone to experiencing itchiness around the neck. You may not even experience the itchiness I am complaining about if you do not have sensitive skin.
Overall, I think these are good products which work well, and worth the money if you want a convenient way to soften and moisturise your skin without slathering cream/lotion on it.
Where can I purchase these?- If you live in Malaysia, the only way you can purchase this is via GelSmart Malaysia's Facebook page. Just Facebook message them telling them which product you want, and they will liase with you on your purchase. For now, shipping is FREE within Malaysia.
If you do not live in Malaysia, do not fret, you can still purchase this! Leave them a message on GelSmart Malaysia's Facebook page informing them which product you want to purchase, and they will liase with you on that. However, shipping charges for international shipping will have to be paid by the buyer. and they will inform you on the cost of the shipping.
Here's the list of products available as well as their prices:-

If you are interested in purchasing these, I have a voucher code for you!
Use code AMANDA3015 when you order
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get a 15% discount!
For more information:-
Do you think these products are interesting? Have you tried anything like them?
xx Amanda


  1. sounds so amazing! I love the gloves!

    1. Hi regine! Yeah they do work pretty amazingly! =)

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    1. It is pretty good! Thanks for the giveaway info! =)

  3. I haven't seen the neck wrap before I think. They sound amazing, xoxo.

    1. I had not heard of this brand before I tested it out, honestly! But they do work pretty well! =)


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