Monday, 4 August 2014

Outfit Idea: Night Out with the Girls at Aria Resort!

Hi loves!

I always loved playing dress-up as a child, imagining that I was different people (like a princess or superstar!) and mixing and matching outfits. Till this day, it is still something I enjoy doing. I also like creating outfits in my mind, thinking of what I would wear to where, or with whom, and I thought I'd create an outfit idea post on what I would wear if I went to the Aria Resort with my girl friends for the night!

The Aria is a beautiful luxurious hotel resort and casino situated right in Las Vegas (I've always wanted to go!) and caters for the needs of everyone- from exquisite dining to one of a kind shows. 

Doesn't it look oh-so-grand?!

Since there's so many things to do at the Aria resort, like watching Cirque du Soleil, dancing at Haze or having a lovely dinner at Sage Restaurant, I thought I'd put together an outfit that is suitable for all doing all these in one night.

This lovely berry maxi dress from is a gorgeous colour and an elegant style to wear to dinner at Sage with the girls. I like how it looks classy, yet has a nice touch of sexiness with the side split at the skirt which reveals a lovely hint of leg. Nude heels really complement berry shades (in my opinion) so I opted for these heeled sandals from Asos. The leather-look of these sandals make it look really expensive, and I like the buckle detail in the straps. The height of these heels are not too high, and the heel width itself is quite wide, making it the perfect footwear for me to dance the night away in at Haze without killing my feet.

We can't leave without accessories now, can we? I chose this triple row necklace from New Look because I like the style of this necklace and also because it adds a touch of boho to the whole outfit without going bohemian overboard. The length of the necklace also gives the illusion of a longer, leaner neck; which is something I like. The longest part of the necklace also falls just below the bust, and helps accessorise and accompany the frills on the maxi dress. I wanted something a bit flashy for my clutch bag so this nude bejewelled one (I try to have a colour theme for my outfits hehe!) from Accessorize fits the bill. It is spacious enough for me to keep my essentials like cash, debit card, a lipstick of two and my phone, but still practical in size to bring around whether I'm having dinner, watching Cirque du Soleil or getting my groove on at Haze. Of course, the wristlet strap is always handy to ensure I don't lose the clutch. Finally, to avoid having too much going on in my overall look, I 'd wear these simple diamond-shaped stud earrings from New Look to finish up the look.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit idea post! What would you wear if you were hanging out at Aria Resort for the night? =D

xx Amanda

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  1. Ohhh I like the dress! The colour is amazing <3
    Take care*

    1. The dress is so pretty! The cut and the colour is gorgeous!


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