Friday, 30 October 2015

Product Empties #5 - October 2015

Hello dolls!

I haven't done a product empties post in eons so I thought I ought to really start again with this series. There have been many products I have used up since my previous Product Empties post but I have saved a few empties for this post. I love that feeling of satisfaction I get whenever I finish up a product. More reason to buy new products! Anyway, let's jump right into this post =)

Product Empties Review
Product Empties Review

Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Honey & Lavender Shampoo (465ml)
I purchased this and the conditioner below when there was a deal at Watsons for '2 for RM50'. This shampoo comes from the Herbal Essences Japan range and I was intrigued to try it. This shampoo claims to be for irresistible soft and moisturised hair. I have thin, fine hair with dry ends and as much as I would like to say this gave me soft and moisturised hair, it did not. It works fine as a shampoo - it gets the dirt out of my hair and leaves it feeling clean, but I did not really feel did this anything in the moisturising department. My hair felt the same (that is, dry) after using this so I do not think I will repurchase this. Oh, but can we take a moment to talk about the scent? The scent of this baby is gorgeous. It has a light, sweet floral scent with hints of honey. So lovely. *sniffs shampoo and sighs*

Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Camellia Oil & Pink Rose Conditioner (465ml)
This conditioner also comes from the Herbal Essences Japan range and claims to give touchable smooth and fragrant hair in just one use. The scent of this conditioner is lovely - it smells lightly of roses and makes me feel happy every time I sniff it haha! I use about a teaspoon-sized amount of conditioner, run it through the ends of my hair and let it sit for about 2 minutes. After rinsing this off, I feel that my hair is smoother and definitely more fragrant. However, the smoothness only lasts till my hair dries. After that, I can slowly feel my hair start to feel dry and brittle again. So far I have not found a conditioner that can change the condition of the ends of my hair, so to me, this would just be another average conditioner. My sister really likes this conditioner and shampoo above though as she says that they make her hair super soft. I guess that goes to show what may not work for me may just work for you - hee!

Lolita Lempicka Gel Moussant Parfume Perfumed Foaming Gel (4ml sample)
I got this little sample in one of my online Korean beauty hauls I made some time ago and it is sufficient for one use. This foaming gel smells amazing. It has a strong floral scent with a hint of musk (I am so not good at describing scents) which makes me feel elegant. The scent lingers on the skin even after I have washed it off and toweled dry. The texture of this shower gel is also quite interesting- it's a gel but feels like a mousse. Very luxurious feel which also leaves the skin feeling soft. I have not seen this sold in Malaysia but am glad I got to try a sample of this!

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner (25ml sample)
This Freshner (why it is spelled as 'Freshner' instead of 'Freshener' I have no idea) is a toner for intensive pore care. The one I tried is the one with '7-in-1 Solution' where it claims to: deep cleanse, control sebum, have pH 4.5, tighten pores, provide clear skin, give elasticity and moisturises. I believe the latest version is the one with the '10-in-1 Solution' formula. I used this after I cleansed my face by pouring some toner into the palms of my hand and patting the product into my skin. The first few times I used it, my skin felt tight and there was a strong scent of alcohol. After some time, my skin got used to it and it helped make my pores look smoother. I did not find it very moisturising though so I probably would not purchase this.

Product Empties Review

Bioré Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (150ml)
This was a little gift I received from my sister when she returned from one of her Japan travels. It was very sweet of her although I think we have it here in Malaysia, too? Haha! It is the thought that counts though so I am touched. This face cleanser is a foam facial wash. The pump dispenses a decent amount of light foam which gently cleanses my face. I like the foam as it does not tug or pull in any way on my skin. The foam also has a bouncy feel which adds to the fun of washing my face with this cleanser. My skin feels clean after rinsing this off and it does not cause my skin to break out or flare up. However, at times I find that this leaves my skin feeling a little tight and stripped of its natural oils. Nothing that a moisturiser cannot combat but I prefer cleansers which do not leave the skin feeling taut so I'm on the fence about this one. Love the foamy formula as it's suitable for sensitive skin, but not quite loving the after-effects.

Elemis freshskin Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser Overnight Replenishing Cream (50ml)
This moisturiser (and let's just stick with 'moisturiser' as its name is a mouthful! *wink*) was something I purchased in the UK mainly because I was curious to try Elemis skincare products. Plus, I got it at a major discount - and that's always good! Key ingredients in this night moisturiser include chamomile, geranium, lavender, liposome complex, blackcurrant seed oil and barley extract. The packaging is sturdy and the pump dispenses quite a lot of product so I normally only pump about half a pump for my whole face. The light herbal scent of this product is something I adore as I find it very calming and soothing. The texture of this moisturiser is a light cream which requires some blending in order for it to absorb fully into my skin. It feels sticky to the touch at first but that feeling goes away after a while. My skin always feels moisturised and supple the next morning every time I use this and it does not cause me breakouts or irritation. Shame I can't seem to find it here in Malaysia; otherwise, I would consider repurchasing this.

Nivea Body Whitening Night Serum (200ml)
'Whitening' - that was the word that caught my attention. I had just returned from a holiday looking tanner at that point of time and was looking for something to make me fairer and I decided to try this out. This serum is a lightweight lotion which claims to provide, amongst others: 10x whitening efficacy, visibly fairer and radiant skin, smoother, more supple skin, even skin tone, and 24 hours hydration. I use a decent amount after I shower at night and this sinks quickly into my skin leaving it soft and moisturised. I like that it is also non-greasy and non-sticky on my skin. The scent of this baby is also quite invigorating - it has a floral scent with a very tiny hint of orange. The scent is quite strong and does not fade quickly so expect people around you to definitely notice the scent wafting from you when you walk pass them. I've used up the whole tube and I only noticed a slight whitening effect so I would not purchase it for that purpose. It does, however, make my skin look slightly more radiant and healthy and leaves it moisturised. For that reason (and because I really do like its scent), I would very likely include this in my "Repurchase" list!


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