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Review: L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion

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Moisturisers are a staple in any skincare routine. There are many types out there in the market to cater for different skin types. Now that I am back in sunny Malaysia, I needed something that is lightweight in order to withstand the humid weather but moisturising enough to quench my dry skin. Enter L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion. Wanna know what I think of it? Read more after the jump!

L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion
L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion

The L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion claims to be a moisturiser which provides all day hydration for normal to dry skin. It's meant to penetrate like a lotion but act long-lasting like a cream, making the skin perfectly quenched and refreshed. This moisturiser contains the following antioxidants:

Grape Polyphenols - helps neutralize free radicals caused by daily pollutants
French Spa Water - helps stimulate the cell's vitality to strengthen the skin barrier for optimal hydration levels
Double Hyaluronic Acid - helps enhance hydration power to lock in more moisture in the skin's epidermis

L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion

Let's talk about the packaging first, shall we? This moisturiser comes in a sturdy glass tub with a plastic screw top cover. The thick glass feels lovely in my hand and makes the product feel more expensive than it really is. The glass packaging may mean that it's not the most travel friendly but that can be easily solved by transferring some product into a smaller container when I need to bring the product along on my travels. Tub packaging is also probably not as hygienic as a tube but I use clean fingers to take the product out so I'm not too fussed about that. What I like about tub packaging is that I can be sure that I've used up 100% of the product, unlike tube packaging where some product will definitely get left behind. 

The texture of this moisturiser is something I really like - it looks and feels like a soft jelly but applies like a gel. It is so lightweight, spreads easily and absorbs real quick into the skin. It also leaves a cooling feel to the skin which I really like - it's akin to applying aloe vera gel or putting cucumber slices on my face. So refreshing! My skin feels soft and supple after application without feeling greasy or sticky. It also acts as a good makeup base. I do find though that I can get a little shiny by midday but a little dabbing with tissue and all is well again. 

L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion Swatch
L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion Swatch

The scent of this goodie reminds me of water in the sense that it leaves me feeling refreshed. It has a very light scent which I doubt will annoy sensitive noses. Lovelies who dislike scents and those with sensitive skin may not favour this but my sensitive skin is fine with this (no adverse reactions or irritation) so it's all good for me!

L'oreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion Ingredients List

Overall, this is a simple moisturiser which works well for my skin. It costs less than RM30 for 50ml which I think is pretty decent. I would definitely repurchase this after I am done with this!

What lightweight moisturiser is your favourite? =D

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