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Review: Sudio VASA Earphones | Rose Gold White

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Music is a huge part of my life. I love listening to different genres of music such as pop, alternative rock, indie etc. I used to commute a lot back when I was studying and I would always listen to music with my earphones while taking the bus or Tube. Sudio Sweden very kindly offered to let me try a pair of their earphones and I thought "why not?". I chose their White VASA earphones* for iOS devices (they also have the same earphones for Android devices). So here's a slightly different type of review - on a pair of earphones!

Sudio White VASA Earphones Review
Sudio White VASA Earphones Review

What is Sudio?
Sudio is a Swedish lifestyle brand which makes elegant-looking earphones with studio quality sound. Their earphones collection comprises of three different ranges: VASA, Klang and Två. Each collection features earphones of different designs, colours and specifications to cater for the different needs of earphone users.

Fun fact - The name Sudio comes from an incident when one of Sudio's founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. With the frustration of not yet being able to offer any better alternative to Mr Collins, the only words he could say were: "trust me I know the feeling", as they shared eye contact. The name Sudio is homage to Phil Collins' song 'Sussudio'. I think that is quite sweet!
Sudio White VASA Earphones Review

Sudio VASA in-ear earphones feature a 10.2mm driver and 3-button remote and mic. The VASA collection has four different colours: Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue and Pink.

When I received my parcel containing the earphones, I was surprised at how it was so well packaged. There must have been about 3 layers of bubble wrap - that's well protected! The packaging of the earphones itself is simple, understated yet classy. The packaging is a sturdy cardboard box which opens to reveal to smaller boxes within. The box with the words 'SUDIO VASA' contains the earphones and the other box contains a leather case, 4 different sizes of earphone sleeves, Owner's Manual, Guarantee Certificate and metal cable clip to clip the earphones to your T-shirt.

Sudio White VASA Earphones Review

The earphones design, now, that I like. The design features a slim, flat cable with very pretty rose gold metal detailing which perfectly complements the white of the earphones. It makes such a pretty accessory! The sturdy leather case (I'll take Sudio's word that it is genuine leather!) is a nice size to store the earphones in and it definitely prevents me from destroying the earphones whenever I take them in and out of my handbag, so that's a definite plus.

I also really like how the earphones come with four extra pairs of earphone rubber buds as it helps us choose the right bud size to comfortably fit into our ears. I tried all sizes and the bud size that fits my ears the best is the smallest pair. It's so dinky and falls out sometimes but the others just fall right out of my ears, so it will do as it fits my ears the best out of all of them. One thing to note is that the earphones have rather long which sometimes got in the way of things for me. I guess that's where the cable clip comes in to clip the cable to my top to prevent swishing - hee!
Sudio White VASA Earphones Review

Now, one of the most important questions - how is the quality of the sound? When I push this in proper deep into my ears (until I can hear a 'pop' sound of air being blocked out), I think the sound quality is great! I can hear the bass notes clearly and the sound clarity is awesome. Better than my iPhone earphones hands down any day. My only pet peeve is that I find pushing the earphones that deep into my ears quite uncomfortable. However, if I put it in in a manner that is comfortable for my ears, the music sounds clear but somewhat distant, like it's coming from somewhere slightly further away. 

I also find that this earphones does not cancel noise as well as I would like it to (I am fond of earphones that cancel out noise) and I can still hear people speak quite clearly in the background. Maybe my expectations for this earphones was high but I expected it to be more noise-cancelling and provide me with that 'surround-sound' effect I oh-so-treasure when looking for earphones. Or maybe it is the fit of the earphones in my ears. However, I would not ponder too much over this as I have looked at Sudio's website and I did not come across anything which claims that the earphones have these qualities. The boyfriend has tried this and he experienced the noise-cancelling effect so I think earphones are something really personal and it boils down to the sound quality (which this earphones definitely has) and the fit of the earphones.

I also found that a few weeks after using the earphones, the left earphone would sound softer and more distant after I have used the earphones for a few hours. I would normally then stop using the earphones and let it 'rest' for about an hour, and when I put them back on, they sound fine again until the next time it happens. I'm not sure if this is common but I have experienced somewhat similar problems with other earphones I have used so it may just be a slightly dud pair that I have received.

Sudio White VASA Earphones Review

Overall, I would recommend this earphones to those looking for good-looking earphones that provide sharp sound quality. The clarity of sound and fit of the earphones is something very subjective. Everyone experiences it differently so you won't know till you try it *wink*

The VASA earphones retail at RM315 (US$80) per pair and can be found on Sudio's website or in store depending on your country. If you purchase from their website, shipping is free worldwide so fret not!
For a 15% discount on any earphones purchase from Sudio, feel free to use my code "beauteebeauty" which is valid until 30 November 2015!

For more information on Sudio, check out the below:

Sudio's website:
Twitter: @Sudio_Sweden
Instagram: @sudiosweden 

Have you tried this earphones? Any earphones you would recommend that is noise-cancelling? =D

Note: I am not affiliated with this brand. The discount code is provided purely for my readers' benefit =)

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