Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hi loves,

Trying out different beauty and skincare products is something which I absolutely love to do (one of my weaknesses as a beauty and skincare addict!). I don't know about you, but testing out whether different goodies and potions work for me is just oh-so-satisfying. So when I had a chance to do a beauty swap with a friend of mine and fellow beauty lover, Christabel from CherriesSballet, I definitely said yes!

We agreed on a set budget to purchase our drugstore favourites to swap with each other and here's the products I received:

Claire Organics is a local Malaysian brand. This herbal balm contains Shea butter and purple gromwell root and is meant to contain anti-bacterial, nourishing and anti-eczema properties and is meant to be suitable for sensitive skin. This herbal balm is multi-purpose and can be used to soothe eczema, insect bites, acne, psoriasis, rashes, burns and cuts. It comes in a 20g tub and has a lovely pleasant herbal scent which I find very calming and soothing. I use my fingers to pick up product from this tub and the heat from my fingers melts it into a light balm which can be easily applied and spread on the skin. I have tried using this as a balm to soothe mosquito bites and tiny cuts on my fingers and I feel that it does help alleviate the itch and pain slightly. Overall, this is not a must-have for me but can be handy to have if you want something to help ease that itch!

Lip products are one of my beauty must-haves and I was excited to receive not one, but two, lip products to try. This liquid lipstick is a sweet pink-rose with yellow undertones which I find very flattering, is a great colour for everyday wear and would be suitable on many different skin tones. Beauty secret has a slightly sticky texture and leaves a glossy finish but the colour is opaque enough that it shows on the lips. The applicator is a standard sponge applicator which applies the product easily on the lips and I like that it makes my lips look plump and luscious. It has a faint vanilla scent which is fine with me and it fades away with time. Wear time is not that long though - it fades upon drinking and eating but that does not bother me as I can easily reapply! If you like pink lip products which leave your lips looking juicy, this would be a good one to try!

This baby right here is the star product in this swap! This liquid eyeliner claims to be smudge proof, water proof and paraben-free. Let me tell you - this is the best waterproof and smudgeproof liquid eyeliner I have ever used. Heck, it may even be the best eyeliner I have ever used. The marker brush nib of this eyeliner is just right - not too stiff that it makes application difficult, and not too soft that the nib just splays everywhere. Application of this product is a breeze and it does not take long to dry. Once it dries, it sets well and can only be removed with makeup remover. Another thing I love is how black it is - this product is sooo jet black and the colour does not fade at all even after 10 hours wear. At an affordable price, this is a steal and an absolute must-have in my books.

Here's the next lip product - another liquid lipstick! This baby is a lovely bright red which I think is absolutely gorgeous! The texture is very interesting - it feels like a mousse with a slight waxy feel but is soft to the touch and applies easily on the lips. The applicator has a cool shape too which fits quite nicely on the lips and I feel helps me apply product at the corners of my lips easier. The product applies with a glossy finish initially but dries down to a satin matte with a 'soft' feel. Although it is a matte texture (which I tend to associate with being longlasting), it does not last particularly long on the lips and fades slightly with eating and drinking. Again, this does not bother me because I do not mind applying but if you are looking for something which does not budge from your lips, this may not be it. I generally prefer solid matte finishes but still do think this is a nice lippie to have if you like a very slight sheen on the lips.

Before receiving this, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to try this out but restrained myself because I have so many products to use. Imagine how happy I was to receive this! This is a concealer treatment which claims to instantly erase dark circles, fine lines and visibly diminishes puffiness. The product comes in a pen-shaped applicator with a sponge tip. Application is very easy as you just twist the pen and the product is dispensed through the sponge and you can just dab the product wherever you need it on your face. I have read that some people do not like the sponge as they feel it is unhygienic. While I do agree with that to a certain extent, at the same time I think the sponge helps in producing the final finish of the product on the skin. The concealer is so lightweight and blends like a dream on the skin. It covers my dark circles really well and does not crease easily in my fine lines after a light dusting of face powder. It lasts for quite a long time on the skin too. I really really like this product but the only downside for me is that Medium is one or two shades too dark for me. This would've been perfect in Light or Fair but otherwise I think this is a great concealer and one I would definitely recommend.

So that's my round up of the products I received in the swap! Overall I like the products I got so thank you Christabel!! If you want to check out what I got Christabel from CherriesSballet, you can head over to her blog post!

Have you tried any of the products above? Do you like/dislike them? =D


  1. Oh no! I was trying to see which shade I should grab for you and thought medium was the one. #failed
    Glad you enjoyed most of the products regardless and thank you for doing the swap! So much fun!

    1. No worries Christabel! I just mix it with another concealer and it works out decent :) Yeah I did thank you - it was so much fun! We should have round 2 soon :P


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