Thursday, 29 September 2011

Review: Elf Blending Eye Brush

Hello dearies! This is my last Elf brush to review- for now. And this brush is the Elf Blending Eye Brush.

I got this brush because every magazine I read said blending was key to flawless eye makeup. Elf claims that it can also be used to set powder or liquid concealer, but I've never tried to do that before, so can't comment on that.

Side view of the brush
The bristles or this brush are long and domed at the top, yet soft enough to erase any harsh lines in my eye makeup when I use it to blend.

The bristles are also not very dense, and can bend easily. It helps blend my eye makeup well, and I think it can be used to pat on eyeshadow as well.

One thing that really annoys me about this brush is that it sheds quite a bit! And I don't even have to wash it for it to shed! Argh I don't want my brush to look and feel all sparse- like, like a chicken with it's feathers half-plucked (okay, I'm rambling here!).

But do I like this brush? - Yep! Although it sheds quite a bit, it still does its job well, and for the price, I guess I don't mind having to fork out money again when it's all shedded out. =D

xx Amanda

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