Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review: RIMMEL Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Mascara

Hello, my dearies!
Mascara is my can’t-live-without beauty item, so I was so excited to be able to review RIMMEL’S Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Mascara by YUBERACTIVE. I received the mascara in 001 Black, which is great because I adore black mascaras!
For starters, the green and pink packaging is very attractive and oozes a cool, funky vibe. Definitely attention- grabbing. The mascara is reasonably priced at RM35.90 and contains a decent 8ml of high quality product.
What I like the most about this mascara is the brush!! The brush is big and fat, enabling all my lashes to be coated- even the tiny ones! It has a unique spoon-like shape – thin on top, fat below. Application was very easy and as the mascara is non-waterproof, removal was a breeze, just use water.
Side view of the brush

My lashes were also visibly lengthened and looked more volume-d after application. I tend to favour waterproof mascaras because I feel that they are less likely to smudge and the curl lasts longer. However, I wore this mascara for approx. 4 hours and it did not smudge at all! The length and curl also stayed put, which was surprising in a good way.
I also like that it does not have a chemical smell. I tried this mascara on while I was wearing contacts, and I am pleased to say that it caused no irritation to my eyes. So, I would say that contact lens wearers should be fine using this product.
However, the formula was wet and took a while to dry. It probably will not be suitable for those who want to wear mascara in a hurry because it may cause smudges when one blinks. I also needed more than two coats in order for the mascara to be visible or more noticeable. One coat will not make much of a difference. On applying the second coat, my lashes also started to clump slightly.
I also did not like how when I placed the brush back into its tube after using it and it caused mascara deposit to stay on the outer rim of the tube because the brush is big and it causes mascara product to get stuck on the rim. This may eventually lead to drying on the rim and it can get messy.
Overall, I think this mascara is great for everyday use, but probably not for days when I want a more dramatic look. I also realised it lengthened my lashes more than giving it volume. Would I repurchase? –You bet! =D
Pros: cool packaging, easy-to-use brush, easy removal, smudge-proof, no irritation caused to contact lens wearers, no chemical smell
Cons: wet formula, non-waterproof (not suitable when swimming or if one cries), needs a few coats for lashes to be noticeable, clumps slightly, causes deposit on outer rim (looks messy)
So here's a before/after picture of my lashes (sorry it's not very obvious on camera! Still working on my photography skills!)

Before/After picture

Would you get this mascara? Let me know!

xx Amanda

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