Monday, 10 October 2011

Review: Freeman Olive Shea Body Butter

Just gonna do a short review on this body lotion that I'm loving!

Product: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Olive Shea Body Butter
Price: RM18.90
Made in: USA
Content: 150ml

List of ingredients:

This body butter has a thick, rich texture and applies smoothly on my body. It is also not tested on animals (yay!). When I applied it, it absorbed quickly into my skin and didn't leave a sticky feeling on it (really dislike lotions that leave my skin feeling sticky and icky).

And it smells GREAT! I can't really pinpoint what exactly it smells like but it smells sort of like cream candy to me- a very sweet, cute and pleasant scent. Not over-powering at all.

I bought a tube of this lotion but I also received a free tester of the same lotion (can't remember where from, sorry!) so I used that up first.

My 7.4ml sample!
Here's how the body butter looks like:

A creamy white colour with a slight silver sheen- looks luxurious!

Would I repurchase? - Definitely!

xx Amanda

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