Monday, 10 October 2011

Essence Makeup Mini Haul & Review!

Hey ya!

Been meaning to post the past few days but was very... distracted, so ended up not doing so. Well, am gonna try to post more this week to make up for it! =D

Anyway, was out last week browsing in Watson's and I saw this brand. Couldn't help buying a few items!!

These items are from a German brand named Essence, and the products are REALLY affordable!

Was looking for white eyeliner (somehow I find it VERY difficult to get white eyeliner in drugstores) and I found this!!! SO HAPPY! =D

I will review 'em now one by one!

The first product is Essence Matt Top Coat.

Product: Essence Matt Top Coat
Price: RM8.90
Made in: UK
Content: 8ml

This is applied as a top coat after painting your nails, and instead of getting a glossy finish, it gives a matt, dull finish.

Details about the product

So here's a picture of my nail (review will be posted soon!) without any form of top coat:

Looks kinda glossy right? =D
And this is a picture after I've applied Essence Matt Top Coat:

Can you see? All shine is gone! Here's a side-by-side comparison of both nails:

Can clearly see the difference in texture right?

What I think? - I think this product is pretty cool for those who don't like shiny/glossy finishes on their nails. The matte effect looks like I used water colour paint to paint my nails! Feel like a lil girl in pre-school! Haha! It dries REALLY fast too, which I was so amazed at, yet is not clumpy at all.

Would I repurchase? - Unlikely, cause I still prefer glossy finishes, but I do think this is a cool product to use when i wanna try something different for my nails!

Next is...

Product: Essence Metallic Eye Pencil in White Divine
Price: RM6.90
Made in: Germany
Content: 1.13grams

This eye pencil is a shiny white colour, kinda looks like silver to me (don't know if you can see in the picture that it's not actually white in colour). I use it on my lower waterline to brighten up my eye. I like how the texture is SO creamy and smooth, very easy to apply. Staying power is not bad- about 4 hours.

However, I find it abit difficult to draw thin lines with this pencil cause it is quite thick, and also because the texture is creamy, it is abit soft and can melt. Also, tried it on my eyelid and it creased, most likely cause it's so creamy. The fact that I have to sharpen it also kinda annoys me.

But at a very affordable price of RM6.90, I think it's a pretty good product. Seems to me like it'll also make a good eyeshadow base cause it's kinda sticky!

Would I repurchase? - Yes!

And the last product is ...

Product: Essence Kajal Pencil in White
Price: RM4.90
Made in: Germany
Content: 1gram

This white eye pencil is good for brightening up the eye! I use it on my lower waterline. It is a very solid white colour - which I like! Texture is smooth and creamy, so it's easy to apply, yet it creases when I apply it on my eyelid.

Similar to the Metallic Eye Pencil above, I find it hard to draw a thin line with this, so it takes abit of time for proper, precise application. Staying power is also approximately 4 hours- reasonable in my opinion. Also suitable as an eyeshadow base I should think cause it's sticky!

At RM4.90, I really can't complain because it is very, very cheap for an eyeliner so once I'm done with this, I'm definitely repurchasing! =D

Left: Kajal Eye Pencil in White, Right: Metallic Eye Pencil in White Divine

Here's a picture to compare how both pencils look like when swatched:

Left: Kajal Eye Pencil in White, Right: Metallic Eye Pencil in White Divine
See how the Metallic swatch is more shimmery than the white pencil? Haha!

I've never seen this brand before besides in larger Watson's pharmacies so that's all I can say about where I think it is available for now!

So would you try out these products? Have you? What do you think?

xx Amanda


  1. My dear, you have inspired lemmings. Methinks I'll buy the kajal when I can heehee

  2. Barry M does nice white eyeliners if you're still on the hunt and you can get it in Boots/superdrug UK

    1. Am more into beige and taupe eyeliners now, but thanks for the info! =D


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