Friday, 11 November 2011

Review: Miss Sporty Nail Polish!

Hello dearies!

I'm on a blogging roll after not doing it for so long so my next post is gonna be a review of Miss Sporty nail polishes which I mentioned I would do ages ago here! Haha!

The two polishes on the left with the white cap is from the Clubbing Colours range and the one on the right with the dark purple cap is from the Lasting Colour Pro Brush range.

The colours from left to right are : Pop Fiction, Blueberry, and Hypnotic Turqoise

Product(s): Miss Sporty Nail Polishes
Price: £1.99 each for both ranges (approx. RM10 per bottle)
Made in: Spain
Content: 7ml

Here's a picture of Clubbing Colours in Pop Fiction. It's a solid sort of pastel-like blue but not too light as well? I don't know how to describe the colour except that I've never seen such a nail shade back here in M'sia so when I saw it in Superdrug, I HAD to have it. Haha!! =D

Next is...

This is Clubbing Colours Blueberry. I'm guessing it's called Blueberry 'cause it is a dark solid shade of purple. Again, I've never seen a shade like this sold here so yep, thought it was quite unique! 

The last one is...

This is Hypnotic Turqoise from the Lasting Colours range. It is a beautiful metallic shade of turqoise with a slight silver sheen to it.

Packaging: The bottles are all small, round-shaped and easy to tote around anywhere. Simple packaging too- good for me 'cause I don't like those that look 'messy'.

Colour: All three colours applied true to the colours in their respective bottles, although I thought Pop Fiction came out a little more dark than what I expected.

Application/Texture/Consistency: The brushes for both the Clubbing Colours and Lasting Colours ranges are wide, making application a breeze! The consistency of the nail polishes are thick, yet not clumpy at all and gives a smooth finish. Two coats is sufficient for a nice solid finish on the nails! Clubbing Colours dries really fast, which amazed me. Haha! Lasting Colours dried not as fast, but still pretty quick- so a plus point for that!

Let's have a comparison of the brushes:

Here's the brush for the Clubbing Colours range-

And here's the brush for the Lasting Colours range-

As you can see, the Colour Clubbing brush is wider and shorter compared to the Lasting Colours brush. I do find that it is easier to apply nail polish with the Clubbing Colours brush 'cause it's fatter- more control. Haha!

Durability: Unfortunately, they don't last very long without a top coat. Pop Fiction and Blueberry chipped after a day and Hypnotic Turqoise chipped after two days.

So here's pictures of the swatches ( I painted all three colours onto one hand- was in a hurry! =S)

And here's a funny picture of my thumb just to give you a close-up view of Hypnotic Turqoise since I only applied it on my thumb. Hee!

Such a gorgeous shade, I think!! =D

Where can I purchase this?- This cannot be found in Malaysia, but is sold in Boots and Superdrug in the UK.

Would I repurchase?- Yes, 'cause I adore funky shades of nail polish that can be applied in a jiffy!

What are your favourite shades of nail polish? =D

Note: All nail polish reviews are done without applying top coat because I want to show the actual durability of the nail polish. =)

xx Amanda


  1. I love pop fiction! :) this was my favourite polish and its just ran out! Great post!

    1. Pop Fiction is lovely! Oh no.. Maybe get another one? =) And thank you!


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