Friday, 11 November 2011

Review: Mandom Barrier Repair Intensive Moisture Repair Mask

Hey ya!! So I've been on a lil' hiatus lately due to starting another year of uni and I've been so overwhelmed with work that I've neglected this! (sorry... =s ). But anyway.. I'm BACK! And today I am going to review the last product of the Barrier Repair Facial Set that I got a while back (review of the other products in that set can be found here).

Product: Barrier Repair Intensive Moisture Repair Mask
Price: RM34.90 for 5 sheets in separate individual packets
Made in: Japan
Content: 1 sheet per packet (22ml)

Writings on the back of the packet in Japanese! =)

List of ingredients:

This is a facial cotton sheet mask soaked in Hyaluronic Acid essence and claims to instantly moisturise and enhance the resilience of skin.

Packaging: Very simple in a lil' plastic-like packet with a picture of a cute baby's face on it and some Japanese writing. Had a slit at the side which really helped me open the packet quick (I'm normally lazy to go search for a pair of scissors just to snip it open. Haha!).

Application/Texture/Consistency: The mask comes circle-shaped which I found a bit puzzling (my face is not circle! hee!) and it was slightly difficult to put onto my face cause of the shape which I thought did not really suit a person's face shape which may be slightly more longer, I guess?

The mask had slits in it which helped me adjust it accordingly to my face though so I guess that helped. The mask was quite slimy due to the unbelievable amount of clear- coloured essence and my face felt wet and sticky, which I did not really like.

Scent: It had a light, refreshing scent to it which I liked. Made me feel energised! =D

Here's the instructions on how to use the mask:

How I used it: I applied it on for 20 minutes after cleansing and giving my face a facial scrub. When the time was up, I peeled it off and massaged the remaining essence into my face, neck and arms as well (there was SO MUCH essence, a shame to let it go to waste. =3). It took a while to soak into my face, but I left it overnight, and the next morning, my face was SO SMOOTH, soft and plump-ish - I completely forgave it for taking ages to soak in. The effect of course was only temporary and lasted for about a day.

Price: At RM34.90 for 5 sheets (so approx. RM7 per sheet) is pretty reasonable.

And I'm embarassed to put this picture here below but for the sake of showing you dearies how the mask looks like, I'll bare my face in its 'masked' glory. Hee!

Where can I purchase this?- At leading pharmacies such as Watsons and Guardian

Would I repurchase it? - I don't think so, 'cause sheet masks are not really my thing. Haha! But for you girls who do like sheet masks, I do think this is a pretty good mask to get if you're looking for a hydrating, moisturising mask that gives you soft skin overnight!

Have you tried any good facial masks?

xx Amanda

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