Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Eyes Eyeshadow

Hello there!

I've been using this product for a while now and am really liking it so thought I'd share my two cents on it with you all! =D

Product: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Eyes in YL703 (Glitter)
Price: RM19.90
Made in: Korea
Content: 2.5 grams

Here's a close-up of the eyeshadow.. Beautiful colour, I think!

Packaging: The eyeshadow comes in a simple plastic round container with a lil' round clear plastic hole to see the colour of the eyeshadow. As you can see from the pictures, the eyeshadow pan can be lifted out of its container and easily depotted- however, I stuck double-sided tape underneath it 'cause I did not want it to accidentally fall out. =D The eyeshadow can be easily toted around anywhere as it is rather small. Overall, I think packaging is simple yet pleasing- nothing very special.

Colour: This is a gorgeous gold shade with tiny silver-coated glitter particles in it. I really really like thid shade as it is so versatile, and luxurious-looking.

Texture/Consistency/Application: The eyeshadow is soft to the touch and feels slightly powdery. It applies on very smoothly and does not feel gritty at all despite having glitter particles in it- that's 'cause the glitter particles are SO TINY! The colour is not very pigmented, but applies like a sheer golden-white sheen. Colour is buildable however, so this does not bother me. IMO however, it does not apply completely opaque, like a solid colour? There's always a slight sheen to it and the colour is not full-blown gold in colour no matter how much I apply. This eyeshadow can also be applied both dry and wet, using fingers or a brush.

Am just gonna show you the swatches under different lighting to give you an idea of the colour:

The picture above is taken under natural lighting using dry eyeshadow. The swatch on the left is only one layer of eyeshadow, the swatch on the right is two layers of eyeshadow. It's more opaque with two layers compared to one, I think! =D

The picture above is swatches of dry eyeshadow taken under indoor lighting. Again, left swatch is one layer of eyeshadow, right swatch is two layers of eyeshadow. Looks pretty sheer though, doesn't it?

The pic above is wet eyeshadow taken under natural lighting. The bottom swatch is one layer or eyeshadow, top swatch two layers of eyeshadow.

This pic above is wet eyeshadow taken under indoor lighting. It's quite obvious that the colour is more vivid when it's applied wet. Can you see the golden sheen? =D

Durability: This eyeshadow lasts for more than 6 hours! Pretty long-lasting I'd say, although it does lose its brightness after a few hours if not applied over an eyeshadow base/primer.

Price: At RM19.90 for a single eyeshadow, I think it is pretty affordable, especially since I like the texture and the colour and how it looks on my eye very much. Hee!

Would I repurchase this?- YES!

Where can I purchase this?- This product can be found at all The Face Shop stores nationwide.

What other brands of gold eyeshadow do you like? =D

xx Amanda

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