Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Johnson & Johnson Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion

Hello again!!

Okay, so this is my last post for the day before I head back to hitting the books. Been telling myself to study so that I can blog as a reward! Haha! =D

Product: Johnson & Johnson body care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion
Price: Thailand Baht (THB) 140 - approx. RM14
Made in: Thailand
Content: 400ml

Personally, I am a fan of Johnson & Johnson products especially the body lotions because their products are good value for money and they make my skin super soft. So this product here is another product that I've tried and am comfortable giving my review on now! =D

Before I start, here's the list of ingredients:

So this product claims to leave skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and beautifully soft. It contains:

- ocean minerals
- coralline extracts which helps skin absorb oxygen
- aqua moisture essences for long lasting hydration

Packaging: This lotion comes in a light blue plastic bottle which is slim. I find the fact that it's slim a plus point 'cause I don't like having lotion bottles hogging up all the space on my table. Haha! It comes with a pump which can easily dispense product, but I don't know if this happens to all bottles or just mine, but mine literally gushes out and splats all over so I have to be very careful when pumping the bottle.

Application/Texture/Consistency: This is a very light-textured gel lotion which is slightly watery. Application is a breeze! It glides on my skin easily and sinks in pretty quick without leaving a sticky residue. It also leaves a very cool, refreshing feel on my skin which I find quite pleasing. Kinda like splashing cold water on the skin. However, I feel like it initially leaves a thin layer of film on the skin- a little waxy-feeling? I don't know how to describe it, but it's not in a bad way to me. The feeling disappears after a short while. My skin felt smooth and soft after applying the lotion- plus point!

Scent: I really like the scent! It has a very aqua, marine-ish kind of smell. Definitely a very cool and refreshing scent. The smell is not overpowering at all, and it fades after a while; so for those who dislike long-lasting scents, this lotion will definitely do the trick.

Here's how the lotion looks like:-

Can you see that it's quite sheer? It's definitely a very light textured lotion, so those who do not like 'thick' or 'heavy' lotions will most probably take a liking to this one. However, I do not think it is a lotion that is very moisturising- it just does 'okay' in the moisturising department. Not as moisturising as some other lotions I've used.

How I use it: I just pump out the amount I want, spread it on my arms and legs and massage it into my skin in upward, circular motions right after a shower to maximise absorption. Hee!

Price: At about THB 140 (I can't remember the exact figure, sorry!), which is approx. RM14, I think it's pretty reasonable pricing. Not too expensive. =)

Would I repurchase it?- Yes I most likely would. I think this lotion would feel best right after a hot shower or a day out in the sun 'cause it really does leave a cooling effect on the skin which I quite like. It's not that great when it comes to moisturising, but just for the cooling effect, I'd buy it. Haha!

Where can I purchase this?- As far as I know, this is not available in Malaysia- quite a shame.. =( Although I have seen it in Singapore and Thailand. I bought mine from Thailand btw.

Do you like using Johnson & Johnson products? Which is your favourite? =)

I gotta run now! So hope you have a good week ahead! Take care dearies!

xx Amanda


  1. It's now available in malaysia, can't recall the price though. I totally love the cooling effect, and the fact that it's non-sticky or slimy at all. :D

    1. Thanks for the update Kimberly!=D And yes! I like the cooling effect it gives, too. =)


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