Tuesday, 15 May 2012

News: The Face Shop May 2012 Promotion

Hey ya dearies!

So I randomly walked past The Face Shop at a mall late last week, and saw that The Face Shop was having some in-store promotion, so just thought I'd share it with you all!

I only bought the nail polishes which were on promotion, which I think was rather worth it because a bottle at normal price costs RM5.90, whereas 3 bottles now cost RM12, which means a small amount of RM4 per bottle. So you'd be saving RM1.90 per bottle and RM5.70 for 3 bottles! I rather like their nail polishes, so I jumped at the chance to purchase more when I saw this promotion. So for those of you who like their nail polishes, or would like quite good quality nail polishes at a budget rate, I do think these polishes are worth checking out!

So I went on their website to see if they mentioned when the promotion would end, and they did not, but they did put up a picture of the ongoing promotions so I just thought I'd share the picture with you. =)

Note: I am not affiliated with this company and am being paid to promote or advertise them. I just wanted to share an ongoing promotion which may be of interest to some of you.=)

- Image taken from www.thefaceshop.net.my

xx Amanda

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