Thursday, 21 June 2012

Haul: Topshop, Cotton On, Uniqlo & A Peek Into My Life: A Day Out!

Hi darlings!

Okay, I realised my title above is super long, but I did not know how else to describe my post, so that will have to do. Hehe! Anyway, I feel like I have not been blogging much as of late (and that is probably true) and I really apologise because I have been rather busy. But anyhow, I am back! Just wanted to share with you darlings about the day I had yesterday, as well as a few items I picked up yesterday.

I went out for a day of shopping with a friend and we headed first for lunch at Plan B. It was my first time eating at the restaurant and my first impression of the place was that it was kinda packed.. Haha! The atmosphere was nice, though - kinda relaxing, and not too noisy, which I liked.

I just realised that we forgot to snap a picture of the menu and the outside of the restaurant. Oh, well. =)

The picture above is a glass bottle of water and two glasses. I thought it was a pretty cool way of serving since the waiters/waitresses wouldn't have to continuously come by to refill glasses with water. The only other time I 'experienced' this concept was when I was in Europe. =D 

That's just a random picture of my hands. Haha! She wanted to snap a picture of my accessories on my wrist, and the accessories are my Fossil watch and a chunky bracelet from Forever 21.

Our food finally arrived and here's what she had:-

Wild Mushroom Soup

Eggs Benedict
And I had...

Carbonara with turkey ham and sauteed mushrooms 

I tasted the mushroom soup and it was yummy! It's not the type of soup which comes from a packet. I could really taste the mushrooms and the cream. Definitely worth trying! My carbonara dish was also real delicious and the portion was huge! Although there wasn't much taste at first but I corrected that with grounded black pepper and some salt. =)

All in all, it was a good meal in a comfy environment. Plan B restaurants can be found at Bangsar Village, Publika, and a new one will be opening soon at Midvalley Megamall. Oh, and all the above pictures were taken by my friend, so credit goes to her!

After lunch, we headed to a mall and just walked around, dove in and out of shops, and I purchased some goodies!

So I'll show first what I got from Uniqlo:-

Yep... I got leggings. Haha! I got two pairs actually 'cause I just wanted to stock up on leggings and these were on sale. The normal price is RM39.90 but I got them for RM24.90 each. I tested them out at home and they are full length black leggings, very good material and very comfortable so I'm really glad I purchased them. They also have a few other designs like black leggings with white polka dots, light grey leggings with tiny navy  horizontal stripes and black leggings with lace trimmings at the end. If you need/want leggings at a good price, head out to Uniqlo 'cause these are on sale now! =D

The leggings

The next item I got is from Cotton On...

Picture taken with flash

Picture taken without flash

It's a highwaisted jeans short in Midnight (it's black). I bought these because, again, they were on sale from RM99 to RM40, and I am rather in dire need of a new pair of shorts seeing how my most-worn pair of denim shorts was from the time I was 15 years old. Haha! But I'm so attached to it I don't want to throw it out. =)

And the last one is from Topshop. I am most excited about this mainly because I've been dying to buy these but have been restraining myself from doing so. However, I reasoned with myself yesterday and decided to get these...

Okay, I just had to show the design on the paper bag 'cause it was just too cute. Haha! Anyway, back to the stuff I got..


Nail polish (left-right): Hunting, Celestial; Cream Blush: Head Over Heels

I got two nail polishes and a cream blush!! I'm excited I actually own these because I've been putting off buying these for months- literally. But everytime I walk into a Topshop, I stare at their makeup, and my resolve finally broke. Haha! I got the nail polishes mainly because they were 2 for 20%, so they cost slightly less than the retail price. I would not say that they are cheap, because each nail polish costs RM29, which is way more than what I'm used to paying for a nail varnish. So I tried to pick unique shades to make my purchase justified. Hehe! The shade I really wanted though, was Hidden Treasure, but apparently it's sold out in all Topshop outlets across the country, so I'll have to wait. The blush is a colour I've been wanting to get for so long, and when a lovely reader commented in my Daiso blush that she recommended this blush, my first thought was "I knew it! That's it, I'm getting it." Haha!!

So that's the end of my haul. There will be swatches of the Topshop products, so stay tuned! Is there anything that you've purchased recently that you are really liking? Do let me know! =D

xx Amanda

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