Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: Lip Ice Sheer Colour Changeable Lip Conditioner

Hello darlings!

So, I'm a lip balm addict. I wear lip balm almost all the time, especially at night or in an air-conditioned room. This product is not new on the market but since I own it, I just thought I'd write about it. =)

Product: Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Colour Changeable Lip Conditioner(Fragrance Free)
Price: RM14.90
Made in: China
Content: 2grams

Here's a picture of what it claims to do as well as the list of ingredients:-

Packaging: This lipbalm comes in a slim, pink plastic tube which is super light and easy to tote around. The lipbalm itself must be twisted upwards in order to be used, and it can be twisted down again, so no worries about the product only being able to be twisted in one direction.

Application/Texture/Consistency: This lip product is clear in colour but turns pink upon application according to the colour of the lips. For my lips, it leaves a very natural sweet pink which enhances the natural colour my lips, making it look more bright and fresh. Application is a breeze and it glides on very easily like all other Lip Ice products I have used. It leaves a slight greasy feel on the lips, but not in a bad way as it does moisturise the lips quite well. The product contains no shimmer or glitter, but does leave a natural-looking sheen on the lips when applied.

Scent/Taste: This product is fragrance-free and I detect no scent at all. As for the taste, sometimes I taste nothing, and other times I taste something slightly nutty, but the nutty taste doesn't last long even when I do taste it, so it doesn't bother me at all. The good thing is that it does not smell or taste waxy at all, which would otherwise be a turn-off for me.

Durability: This product lasts for about 45 minutes before reapplication is needed, and lasts even shorter if I'm eating or drinking. It's okay, though, because lipbalms generally don't last very long, so I don't mind having to reapply.=)

Price: At RM14.90, I find this a bit more expensive compared to other lipbalms found in pharmacies(drugstores) as the content is quite little and will be used up pretty quick. However, given the fact that it is colour-changing and actually does colour-change, I guess the price is pretty okay then. Hee!

Here's a swatch of the product:-

Here's how the product looks like on my lips:-

As you can see from the picture, my lips look a little bit more pink, like I sucked on a pink lollipop. Haha!

Would I repurchase?- Definitely yes because the colour changing effect really does make the lips looks more bright yet natural. This is actually my second tube. I purchased the shimmer one first (it was so pretty on the lips) but I lost it one day in uni so I purchased this, and it won't be my last! =D

Where can I purchase this?- At Watson's, Guardian, and Caring Pharmacy.

xx Amanda

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