Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Product Empties #1 - September 2012

Hey ya darlings!
So I've been reading many blogs and watching many videos about products which people have used up, and I really enjoy reading and watching stuff regarding this so I decided to write about my finished products too! I tend to keep the containers of my finished products (I don't know why- must be the hoarder in me) but I guess this is helpful because I may have forgotten or may not have time to do reviews on certain products, so in this little space I can actually write a little bit about the product and whether I will repurchase. The title of the posts also refer to the month that I type the post, and not the actual month that I used up the products, 'cause like I said, I like to keep the empty containers of the products. Haha! So let's jump right in, shall we? =D

There's also another product which I forgot to include in when I took the pictures above so I just took a separate shot of it, sorry!
1. Pantene Pro-V Leave On Treatment Protect & Care (RM7.90)
- I got this when it was on sale for RM6 in Watson's, and this lasted me for about half a month after using it daily. I like the scent of this leave in conditioner- it smells floral yet refreshing. I apply this on my damp hair after a shower and the scent lingers on my hair even after my hair is dried- love nice-smelling hair! However, I don't find that this moisturises my hair well- it only feels slightly less frizzy, so I don't think I will repurchase this because when I look for a leave-on conditioner, the moisturising and taming my hair aspect is very important to me.
2. Mary Kay Customised Skin Care Cleanser No. 2 - Normal/Combination Skin (price n/a)
- My mum purchased this for me so I'm unable to comment on the price of the product, but I'm definite it costs more than RM75. This creamy gel cleanser has a very lightweight texture and feels very nice when applied on the skin. It removes makeup pretty well, and leaves my skin feeling soft and plump without drying it out. I like that it does not leave a greasy feel despite feeling creamy and it improved the condition of my skin overall without causing irritation or breakouts. This cleanser is very gentle so it may not work or do much for oily or problem skin but it suits my skin and I may very well repurchase this!
3. Mary Kay Customised Skin Care Moisturiser No. 2 - Normal/Combination Skin (price n/a)
 - Again, this was bought by my mum so I do not know the price. When I first used this, I disliked it. I felt that it left my skin feeling sticky and greasy and I did not like the smell which smelled somewhat like funny herbs to me. Few days later, I got used to the smell and realised that it did not make my skin sticky and greasy like it did initially. This moisturiser is a hydrating emulsion which feels like runny liquid and is very easy to apply on the skin. I like how it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and it minimised the redness of my skin. It's very gentle and the fragrance fades after a while. I usually use this at night though because although it is an emulsion, I think it is slightly too heavy for day use. Although I disliked this initially, I grew to realise this is a pretty decent product and I may probably repurchase one day.

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (RM28.90)
- I have no idea how many bottles of this I have gone through, but this is certainly not my first and last. This bottle contains 15% tea tree oil and is something I use to help fight spots and blemishes on my face. Although it does have its off days where it does nothing for my skin and on days where it does wonders for my skin like reducing the size of my pimples, I like how it leaves the problem areas on my face feeling cool and clean. I say clean because for some reason, I feel like this helps kill germs on my face so I like putting it even on blackheads. Haha! It has quite a strong tea tree scent which may put off some people but I don't mind the smell so it's okay- the smell does fade off after a while though. Although this product does contain alcohol, it does not irritate my skin. I will definitely repurchase this.

5. Essential Rich Premier Damage Care Shampoo (Baht 139 - approx. RM13.90)
- I first found out about this brand when I saw it in my cousin's bathroom. I tried it and fell in love. Fast forward 4 years and it is still one of my favourite shampoos. This shampoo claims to give damaged and unmanageable hair a silky straight finish; while it doesn't do that for my hair, it does leave my hair feeling soft and not like straw after rinsing it. I don't mind if it does not make my hair silky straight though, as no shampoo I've tried has managed to make my naturally wavy hair look silky straight- it still has flyaways and waves, but as long as it's soft, I'm happy. Also, I really like the scent of this shampoo- it smells like mango, shea butter and honey all in one, yum! Will be repurchasing!

6. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Total Repair 19 Anti-Hair-Breakage Mask (Baht 168- approx. RM16.80)
- This is one of the first ever hair masks I've used. This claims to be for very dry, damaged hair and claims to reduce hair breakage by up to 95%. What I love most about this product is the scent (I have a thing for nice-smelling products)- it smells amazing, like butter and cream mixed with something floral. Even after rinsing this off, the smell lingers and makes my hair smell so lovely! I try to use this once or twice a week and it makes my hair feel so soft, fluffy and weightless which I really like. However, it did not do what it claims to do, for my hair. My hair still experienced a lot of breakage and split ends, although, again, I have not found any products that helps my hair in those areas so for a hair mask that makes my hair feel soft, this does fine. May repurchase.

So that's it for my September empties! Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Do you like them? Curious to try them? Or any products you've used up that you'd recommend? =D

xx Amanda

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