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Review: Topshop Nails Nail Polish in Gone Fishing & Parma Violet

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I'm super duper sorry for my rather long abscence from here- been very busy sorting out last minute stuff before flying off, and when I got here, been busy settling uni stuff, and settling in to my new place and getting used to the place etc. I truly apologise, but I'm slightly more settled in now and am ready to start blogging again! =D
I've been extremely unfortunate in the fact that I was not able to lug over my nail polishes from home, but I quickly settled my craving to paint my nails by purchasing these two beauties!

l-r: Gone Fishing, Parma Violet

Products: Topshop Nails Nail Polish in Gone Fishing and Parma Violet
Price: £5 (approx. RM25) each/ RM29 in Malaysia
Made in: France
Content: 8ml each
I'll just quickly tell you about the colours and then head on to the review!

First off is...



Colour: Parma Violet is a gorgeous lilac purple creme polish that looks like pastel purple and is unlike any other pastel purples I own (not that I own many soft purple shades). I look at my nails and instantly think of sweet, girly things- it is a very cute and feminine colour which I think can suit many skintones too! The colour on my nails looked exactly like how it looks in the bottle- awesome! I got loads of compliments wearing this shade, and everyone commented that they much prefered this shade to Gone Fishing, although I love that colour too! =) Overall, very pretty shade which I think is a spring/summer nail colour staple!



Colour: Gone Fishing is a pastel green creme polish which is a mixture of turquoise and mint green. I lusted over this shade for ages as it was continuously sold out back home, but there's plenty here so I quickly grabbed a bottle! Those who love shades of green will probably like this as it is not a loud colour, yet not too soft that people don't notice it (I like people looking at my nails, funny I know) and I think is a great nail shade if you want to wear a fun colour and give off that 'cool' vibe! The colour in the bottle also translates exactly onto the nails, so that's good!

Packaging: I really like the packaging of these sturdy glass bottles- the bottle caps have a very quirky, cute polka-dot design and the bottles look cute. Hee! The font on the bottle is very kitschy too, nothin else to say except that overall, I like the packaging!

Application/Texture/Consistency: These polishes have a very runny, watery consistency which I quite dislike, unfortunately. The watery consistency makes its quite difficult to apply IMO and it does get quite streaky, so I have to go over many times to ensure that the streaks are covered or at the very least evened out. The brush, however, does give pretty good control over the application of the polish so it does help make the job slightly easier. Drying time is pretty quick, which is a plus point.

Durability: I did not use a top coat and base coat for the purposes of this review and the polishes did not fare well against chipping- they chipped slightly just a day after I painted them on my nails, which is slightly shorter durability than a lot of polishes I've used which lasted at least two days. Probably would last slightly longer if a top coat and base coat were used.

Here's swatches of the polishes- I apologise if they look a bit messy because I was trying to find the best lighting and position to take these pictures, and somehow my camera's settings kept making Parma Violet look blue instead of the purple it actually is, but I tried and here's what I best came up with at the time:-

This picture is probably the picture which best captured the colour of Parma Violet. My camera for some reason just would not make it look purple despite my adjusting the settings constantly, but I assure you that the colour on the nails is very true to the colour in the bottle.

And here's Gone Fishing:-

Price: At £5 per bottle (or approx. RM25 per bottle after conversion), it's much more than what I would normally pay for a bottle of nail varnish, but I like these colours so much and they are pretty unique so I'm willing to pay the price for them. =)

Would I repurchase these?- I probably would repurchase Parma Violet because I just think the colour is so pretty, but I am not so sure if I'd repurchase Gone Fishing.

Where can I purchase these?- You can purchase them at all Topshop outlets across the UK, online on the Topshop website, and in Malaysia, at all Topshop outlets nationwide.

Have you tried Topshop nail polishes? Do you like them? Which colour is your favourite? =D

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated to the company. The online link provided is just for information purposes so that readers can know where to find the products.

xx Amanda


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