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Review: SILKYGIRL Moisture Shine Lip Colour in 03 Baby Rose

Hello lovelies!
So I've found some free time to write in my little space here; I've already written one post today and thought I might as well write as another one! =D

Product: SILKYGIRL Moisture Shine Lip Color in 03 Baby Rose
Price: RM16.90
Made in: Thailand
Content: 3.5grams

SILKYGIRL's Moisture Shine Lipstick claims to contain Vitamin E which helps prevent aging as well as fine lines; Squalene to protect lips from wrinkles; Sweet Almond Oil which has nourishing properties and also Evening Primrose Oil which nourishes and hydrates the lips.

Colour: From the tube, this is a pink lipstick with slight orange/coral undertones and is filled with tiny silver shimmer particles. It looks quite bright in the tube which made me slightly hesitate in trying it but after putting it on, it left a sheer soft pink colour which I think really befits its name Baby Rose. It looks really sweet, definitely brightened up my complexion and I think is a colour which would suit many skin tones.=)

Packaging: Baby Rose comes in a black plastic tube with the brand name SILKYGIRL written on in in pink as well as some pink floral motive decorating it. The packaging is pretty sturdy but it does not look classy or luxurious; it looks quite cheap. Although, I do have to say that it's pretty cute and has a young feel to it. All in all, it's just very simple packaging, which is completely fine by me as long as the product works. =) 

Here's the list of ingredients:-

I've noticed that Evening Primrose oil, Sweet Amond oil and squalene are one of the last few ingredients listed in the ingredients listed which means that there's a possibility that there is only a small amount of the ingredients contained in the product. However, if that does not bother you like it does not bother me, you'll probably like this lipstick.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Baby Rose glides on the lips like a dream- it is so silky smooth! It is very easy to apply and feels so slick, like lipbalm. It has a very light texture and is very moisturising- which is definitely a plus point for me. One layer of the lipstick leaves a sheer wash of colour on the lips which is visible but not like in an 'in-your-face' manner at all. The pigmentation is quite good, the colour is definitely buildable, and it leaves a slight glossy shine to the lips. For those of you who may be put off by the fact that there's shimmer, fret not as the shimmer is barely visible and looks like it blends seamlessly with the pink colour of the lipstick. This lipstick does not feel gritty at all, but it did sink into the fine lines of my lips and clung to the dry skin on my lips slightly. However, I think this should not be a problem if the lips were given a light scrub prior to applying this lipstick.

Scent/Taste: This lipstick is completely fragrance-free which I much prefer in cosmetics despite liking some lip products which have scents because it is less likely to irritate my skin or lips, so I really like this aspect of the product. Also, it does not taste of anything at all, which is really amazing as very few products out there have no taste- again, plus points for this!

Durability: This lipstick lasted on my lips for about 3 hours before completely fading. Eating and drinking did cause it to fade off too, but I do not mind reapplying so it did not bother me. 3 hours is still pretty decent lasting power IMO.

Here's a swatch of the lipstick on my hand:-

How I use it: I normally apply lipbalm before applying lipsticks in order to give it a smoother base to adhere to, but with Baby Rose I just glide it on my lips straight away starting with my bottom lip and then my upper lip and it gives a nice, sweet finish to my lips. I use this for casual days when I want a hint of colour on my lips, or when I'm hanging out with friends. I also think this colour would be suitable for class or work because it is very soft and sweet and I would venture to say that it is also quite natural-looking.

Here are swatches of the lipstick on my lips (taken with two different cameras):-

Price: At RM16.90, this lipstick is very affordable and is well worth the money IMO.
Would I purchase?- Yes, I definitely would! It also comes in 7 other colours and I'm considering getting a few others!

Where can I purchase this?- At Watson's, Caring, Guardian, Jusco, Parkson and probably all other leading department stores nationwide.

Have you tried this lipstick range or any SILKYGIRL lipsticks? What do you recommend? =D

DISCLOSURE: This review contains a product sent for consideration by PR. I assure you, however, that my opinion is 100% my own and is not biased toward or against the sponsor.
xx Amanda


  1. It looks like a great lipstick! I really like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

    1. Hi Diana! Yea, it is a pretty great lipstick. Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. =D

  2. Hi babe, the lipstick looks good on your lips! :) glad to know that you like it too!

    1. Hey dear! Thanks! Am definitely liking it! =D


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