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Review: Chi Chi Eye Palette in Fashion Editor

Hello dolls!
Sorry for my short hiatus the past two weeks or so- again, I've been caught up with a big amount of tutorials and assignments plus studying which required my attention and took up almost my spare time. Then, I finally cleared all that up, but went away for the weekend, and only found time to write now. Hee! Anyway, as usual, I'm back with another review for you, and this time it's from an Australian brand called Chi Chi! =)
Product: Chi Chi Eye Palette in Fashion Editor
Price: AUD 19.95 (approx. RM65.85)
Made in: China
Content: 3.6grams/ 0.13 oz
Although I mentioned above that this retails at AUD19.95 (and it does), I managed to pick it up for AUD 9.90 (I think that's the exact price, but it was around that figure) together with a Chi Chi mascara in a Target while I was in Australia on holiday, so I thought it would be a good chance to try a different brand because it was not too costly.

Here's the list of ingredients as well as instructions showing how to work the eye palette- it can slide open!

The eye palette slides out to show a slim mirror and the applicator brush inside- pretty cool concept I'd say!

Packaging: This eye palette is encased in a black cardboard box with a bright, psychadelic lip design on the box. Open the box, and a slim, black plastic eye palette is revealed with the brand name 'Chi Chi' written on it in silver. There are plastic holes (I don't know if holes is the right word to use but I currently cannot think of a better word to describe them) which show how the colours looks like inside. IMO, the packaging looks cheap and not the most sturdy, and looks like something geared for younger ones, like teenagers. However, the packaging is lightweight and slim, which makes toting this eye palette around an easy task. It is also really quite handy because it has a mirror encased inside it after the eye shadows slide out. Although I do find the idea of the eyeshadows sliding out to reveal a mirror, I'm so afraid one day I'll slide it out and break it by accident 'cause it seems a little flimsy. It also comes with a dual-ended applicator brush which I binned because the brush is not of good quality and is quite scratchy. I'm not really one who is bothered about packaging though, so the part where it looks cheap does not irk me, it's all about the quality of the product inside, really! So as long as the packaging does not fall apart easily, I don't mind if it does not look classy, expensive, pretty etc. What I do not really like though, and wish they would have included in the packaging are the names of the colours, so at least I'd have something to refer to.

So I'm not really good with describing colours but I'll try my best to describe it! Colour descriptions are based on the picture and are from left to right. The eye shadows have no names so I'll name them for the purposes of this review 1-6, with 1 being the far left and 6 being the far right.

Colour description:

#1: A dark purple/brown/black shade with a slight shimmer and loads of tiny silver and pink glitter particles

#2:  A shimmer plum shade with loads of tiny silver and pink glitter particles

#3: A shimmer lavender purple with tiny silver and pink glitter particles

#4: A shimmer yellow-gold with silver and pink glitter particles

#5: A cool-toned silver with tiny silver glitter particles

#6: A matter black shade with silver and pink glitter particles

Out of all the colours, I like #3 and #4 best- the lavender purple is just a beautiful colour and the yellow gold is so pretty worn with other colours or by itself. =D

Application/Texture/Consistency: The eyeshadows feel soft to the touch and apply easily on the skin. However, they are not very pigmented, have a slight chalky, powdery texture and do give quite a bit of fallout. I find that it is easier to spread these shadows and rub them into the skin instead of packing them on the lids in order for the colour to show up. Also, I find that these shadows are not very buildable, which seems a bit odd. The glitter particles in the shadows also do not seem to be blended in with the shadow; instead, the glitter particles stand out from the eye shadows and can make the eyes very glittery. Every time I open the eye palette, the eye shadows also emit a rather strong chemical smell which does put me off quite a bit, unfortunately. I do like the colour range though, and I think it would be suitable to create looks for both day and night.

Durability: These eyeshadows last for about 2-3 hours on the lids without a primer, so that's pretty decent staying power. With a primer it does last a few hours longer.

Here's swatches of the shadows for your viewing pleasure:-

l-r: #1 to #6, without flash

l-r: #1 to #6, with flash

Price: At AUD19.95 for an eye palette, I think it is a very steep price considering the quality of the eye shadows are not what I would consider as good.

Would I repurchase?- No. When I got this, I was really excited to try it, but after using it I have to sadly say that I'm disappointed with the quality of the product. I like the colours, but the pigmentation is just not what I was expecting- it is very sheer and hard to build colour, plus powdery with lots of fallout which is not a good thing to me. There are better quality eye shadows out there cheaper than this, so unfortunately, I also probably would not recommend this product.

Where can I purchase this?- Should you want to purchase this, you can find this in Target and Gloss stores in Australia, or you can purchase it online here.

Have you tried Chi Chi products? What do you think of them? =D

xx Amanda

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