Thursday, 23 May 2013

ASOS Wishlist

Hello darlings!
So I was browsing through ASOS and found myself drooling over so many things! Since I have more time to spare what with exams being done, I thought I'd create a wishlist of the random things I want from ASOS and share it with you dolls! =D

1. SteamCream 3 In 1 Moisturiser Taurus Tin 75g, £13 (approx. RM65)- link here
- This moisturiser sounds like it can do wonders for the face, hands and body! I like that it is lightly scented with lavender oil as I find lavender to be such a calming scent. Plus, as a Taurus baby, how can I resist that adorable Taurus packaging?
2. ASOS 'Shhh' Clutch Bag, £28 (approx. RM140)- link here
- Kitschy accessories are right up my alley and this seems to fit the bill. Its 'Shhh' sign hugely appeals to the quirky side of me, and the clutch screams attitude as a whole, but not in an 'in-your-face' manner. I think this would be perfect for adding a casual twist to a formal outfit; and the size of this allows me to bring all the bits and bobs I love toting around with me!
3. ASOS Scallop Detail Satchel Bag, £28 (approx. RM140)- link here
- When I first saw this, I knew I wanted it. This satchel bag screams girliness and spring. I love the scallop detailing on the bag- it lends such a sweet feel to the bag which I'm loving. The mint colour is also perfect for spring and I can just picture myself pairing this with so many outfits. I really like how the gold buckle strap detail complements the overall look as well, and a satchel bag is good as I can carry around many things yet look stylish!
4. River Island Helen Owl Face Watch, £15 (approx. RM75)- link here
- I have a slight fetish for animal/bird-themed accessories and jewellery, and owls are one of my favourite birds which I like to have for my accessories. This watch has a very vintage look and feel about it which I like. I find gold watches with tan leather-look straps very versatile as it can be paired with many outfits and suits many looks (except maybe if I am dressed top-to-toe in black). I just really like the design in the watch's face itself, 'nuff said. =)
5. ASOS Arrow Heart Ditsy Bracelet, £3.60 (approx. RM18)- link here
- How cute is this dainty bracelet? The heart-tipped arrow somehow reminds me of Valentine's and little Cupid shooting with his bow and arrow. The design is unique yet simple, perfect for days when I do not feel like wearing statement jewellery yet still want to let my 'love-for-unique-looking-accessories' personailty shine through.
6.Stila Convertible Colour Trios - Lips & Cheeks, £23 (approx. RM115)- link here
- If you've seen my 'What's in my Weekend Travel Makeup Bag' post, you'll know that I like using cream blushes when I travel because it's so versatile; I can use the product on my lips and cheeks, and I don't necessarily need to bring along brushes in order to use the product, making it really convenient. This Stila palette comes in either Warm and Cool, and I cannot decide which I like more! I've heard many brilliant things about Stila's Convertible Lips & Cheeks and to have a palette containing three different colours at once would mean being able to have more choice and also if I travel, having my lipstick and blush worries solved!
This post was meant to be posted two days ago, although I didn't get around to doing it, but since then, I've checked out ASOS and found that they are currently having 20% student discount for UK students until 9am BST Friday 24 May 2013. Just sign in with your Unidays account to get your code or enter your NUS Cardholder number at checkout to get the discount. Now I'm really excited- all the more reason to make some purchases! =D
DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with ASOS. I am just making this wishlist because some things on ASOS caught my fancy and I thought I'd just share them with you. =)
xx Amanda


  1. I like the bag and watch. The colour and the design of the bag is really nice. I've been trying to find a bag like that but very pricy >< the watch is cute but it's quite small.

  2. I have the stila palette.
    It is gorgeous, although the actual products are on the small size.

    1. I think it's gorgeous too! But after hearing you say it is a little bit small, I couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed. Thanks for the info though! =D

  3. Love the mint bag and the blush palette - great wishlist!

    Don't know if you've checked out this bag at Accessorise but it's quite similar to the bag but only £25!,acc_1.7/3890383000

    Yinyin xx

  4. I like them too! Glad to know you enjoyed my wishlist! I've seen that Accessorize bag and checked it out again after you recommended it but I restrained myself from getting because I am trying oh-so-hard not to spend! Hee!


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