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Review: lyncaCare Mineral True Colors | Dolly Gal, Glamour & Demonic

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Eye shadows made of good quality (which for me means pigmented, vivid, buttery smooth to the touch and when applied) can be difficult to find sometimes. There are so many choices out there in the beauty market that its mind-boggling at times knowing which to purchase. Then, there is also the issue of pricing- this is something I really think about considering my small student budget. So when I received three Mineral True Colors pigments* from lyncaCare, I could not wait to test them out to see if they ticked all the boxes for me.

What is lyncaCare?
lyncaCare is a cosmetics company based in Singapore which focuses on providing high quality cosmetics at a nominal price. lyncaCare provides a wide selection of colours for those who find it difficult to search for a certain colour.
What is the Mineral True Colors range?
Mineral True Colors range is range of pigments which are multi-purpose. Does that sound cool? I thought it did! The pigments can be used as a lip colour, eye shadow colour, blusher, eyeliner, hair colour and even as a nail colour! Talk about versatile. The range contains 3 types of finishes: matte, shimmer, and glitter.
What are its advantages?
This range claims to be/have:
- bright, vibrant and intense colours
- free of oil or wax additives to prevent the clogging of pores
- feels light on the skin and long-lasting on skin
- soft, silky and smooth texture
- minimal ingredient list which greatly reduces the risk of allergy reactions
I received three colours to try out, and they are Dolly Gal*, Demonic* and Glamour*.
l-r: Demonic, Dolly Gal, Glamour
Products: lyncaCare Mineral True Colors* in Dolly Gal, Demonic and Glamour
Price: SGD$29.90 (approx. RM74.75) each
Made in: USA
Content: 5ml
Before I get into the review, let me list the ingredients. =)
Dolly Gal - Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Carmine, Iron Oxide
Demonic - Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide
Glamour - Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin oxide

Dolly Gal - a pink with slight orange/red undertones and a very pretty pinkish-gold metallic sheen to it. I find this shade quite unique. It has a shimmer finish
Demonic - a dark forest green with a turquoise sheen to it. It also a shimmer finish
Glamour - a white-gold shimmer shade with tiny flecks of gold glitter. I can't decide but I think it also has a shimmer finish. I love white-gold eye shadows so this has to be my favourite shade out of the three- it is so pretty!
Packaging: These multi-purpose pigments come in small, clear plastic containers with a screw-open lid. The pigment is packed into the container, which also contains a removable lid inside with tiny holes which helps control the amount of product dispensed. The name of the company is printed on the screw-open lid in plain black writing, and the name of the colour, the ingredients list, what it can be used for, weight and place of production is listed in small print on the plastic container. Before I forget, the plastic container comes wrapped in plastic which lists the company's address and date of expiry of the pigment. Overall, the packaging is simple and sturdy- nothing fancy, which disappointed me a bit as I was expecting slightly fancy packaging considering the price. My principle however is that it is the quality of the product that counts, so as long as the packaging is sturdy and does that break easily, I am happy at the end of the day.

See the little yellow stickers there? Once removed, it opens up the holes for product to be dispensed through, although I found that once I removed it, I could not turn it upside down or drop it (by accident of course) as product would come out through the holes. This is a bit annoying as the products always have to be placed on a flat surface and means I cannot tote it along for when I travel. Of course, I can always stick tape to cover the holes, but it is a bit of an extra hassle.
Application/Texture/Consistency: The texture of these pigments are amazing- they are very pigmented, are very bright and vivid when applied on the skin, soft to the touch and glide smoothly on the skin. Not chalky at all. As they are so pigmented, a little product (and I really do mean little) is all that is needed when applied on the skin. Application when taking the pigments out from the containers were a bit tricky though. The little holes in the lid tend to dispense more product than needed and I always end up having extra, which wastes product. So it depends on how I am using the products really, which I will explain below. I also have sensitive skin, and these did not cause any irritation or breakouts to my skin at all- which is good!
l-r: Glamour*, Dolly Gal*, Demonic*
How the pigments can be used (as listed on the packaging):-
Dolly Gal - For the face, eyes, lips and nails
Demonic - For the eyes, lips, and nails
Glamour - For the lips, eyes, face, nails and as a very sheer bronze
Here's some swatches of the pigments!
l-r: Glamour, Dolly Gal, Demonic
l-r: Glamour, Dolly Gal, Demonic (Unblended)

l-r: Glamour, Dolly Gal, Demonic (Blended out)
How I use them:-
Dolly Gal - I have used this as a blusher, as eye shadow, and with nail polish to create a nail colour. I just realised I did not try it on my lips! If I were to try it on my lips, I would probably mix it with a clear lipgloss to give the gloss a pink tint, or apply it on top of lipstick to give a shimmery sheen to my lips.
Demonic - I have used this only as eye shadow and as a nail colour.
Glamour - I use this as an eye shadow, nail colour, and as a highlighter (I do not think it is dark enough to be a bronzer for me)
- As a blush/highlighter: I shake some product into container through the little holes on the lid and then dip my brush into the product lightly and dust it on my cheeks. Dolly Gal* gives the most pretty sheen to my cheeks, and a pink sheen on my eyes which does not make me look like I have puffy, swollen eyes (which many pink shadows tend to do to me)- I like! Glamour* also makes a very pretty highlight
- As eyeshadow: I remove the plastic lid with holes and dip my finger or eye shadow brush very lightly into the product and then apply it on my eyelids.
The steps on how I use it as a nail polish are a bit more tricky so I have included a step-by-step guide on how to use it with nail polish. I do apologise for the quality of the lighting of the pictures as I tested it out at night and at night I only have orange light in my place, so the pictures are looking a bit orange-y! I used Dolly Gal* as an example in the pictures.

1. Pour some pigment out onto a flat, plastic surface. I used a plastic folder for this.

2. Take some clear/transparent nail polish.

3. Place a few drops of clear nail polish into the pigment.

4. Mix the clear nail polish and pigment together until it forms a colour. Then, just paint the mixture on your nails. Repeat until all your nails are painted at the opacity that you like.

The amount of pigment I showed above can be used to paint one layer on all 5 fingers on one hand (provided it does not dry up before you painted all 5 fingers). For Dolly Gal* and Glamour*, I painted 3 layers to get the effect you will see in swatches below. Demonic* only needed two coats for full opacity.

Demonic (thumbnail), Glamour (index & pinky finger), Dolly Gal (middle & ring finger)

Glamour (index & pinky finger), Dolly Gal (middle and ring finger)
Out of all three colours, I like how Dolly Gal and Glamour look on my nails. Dolly Gal is such a sweet candy pink shade with a lovely sheen to it, and Glamour just looks luxurious on the nails! I did find however that it was rather difficult to remove with nail polish remover compared to the usual nail polishes. It is almost as difficult to remove as a glitter nail polish! It also lasted on my nails for about 3 days before chipping.
This range has been featured on Singapore's HerWorld Plus and on Zalora Singapore!

Will I purchase these?- I really like the quality of the pigments, as well as how versatile they are; however, I do not really fancy the packaging as I feel that I need to spend time slowly using it (otherwise I would likely spill product, and I don't like wasting time on packaging), and I also feel that the price is quite steep. I really do like Glamour though so I think I would only purchase that out of these three once they run out!
Would I recommend these?
- If you do not mind spending time on getting product out of the makeup packaging, then you probably would not mind these and I recommend getting them. They are small and easy to store away, but make sure you do not store them upside down or sideways as product may come out through the holes in the packaging, making it messy when you open the screw-open lid. If you have sensitive skin, these are good products as they do not cause irritation at all (which I have experienced with many makeup products, unfortunately). They are also really versatile, so although they may cost quite a bit, they can be used for many reasons! If you like experimenting with different ways to use your makeup, then this is definitely for you. =)
Where can I purchase these?
If you live in Singapore, the easiest way for you to purchase them is via Zalora Singapore. Sadly, Zalora Singapore does not do international shipping, so if you live outside of Singapore, the only way so far is to contact the lyncaCare team HERE and tell them you are interested in purchasing their products. They will then send you more information regarding the purchase, shipping etc.
For more information, head on to:-
lyncaCare's website -
You can also follow lyncaCare on Twitter @LyncaCare
So I hope you have enjoyed this review! It is a long one but thank you reading it! =D
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  1. Whoa, this is really multifunctional product. Want to try as well. Nice review dear

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