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Review: Pharmaclinix Acnex Cream

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I had meant to put this review up a few weeks back but that was put on hold when about 1.5 months ago my skin decided to throw a tantrum and play up. It decided that it wanted to be dry and stay dry and sensitive, and nothing I used could help get rid of the dry patches (even moisturising my face with facial oil!). It was also so sensitive that it even would not agree with my usual moisturiser, and that already was for sensitive skin so there was no way I could try new products. Thankfully it decided to calm down and I could continue testing this, and finally I am ready to write about this baby! =D

What is PharmaClinix, you wonder?
PharmaClinix is a company which produces an extensive range of clinically tested skincare products specfically designed for Asian, Arabic and darker skin tones to even out hyperpigmentation, acne and scarring (although of course, I'm sure our fairer lovelies will be able to use these products as the products should be suitable for fairer skin tones too).

Product: Pharmaclinix Acnex Cream*
Price: £39.99 (approx. RM220)
Made in: United Kingdom
Content: 50ml

What it claims: Acnex* is a multipurpose cream which prevents and clears acne, stops recurring breakouts and reduces scarring. Acnex can be used to minimise pores and reduce blackheads for smooth, bright and even skin tone. With proven results to reduce inflamed acne in just 8 weeks by up to 82%, use twice daily for optimum results. 

Here's the list of ingredients:-

Packaging: Acnex comes packaged in a sturdy, metal-looking plastic tub which I think looks slightly clinical but has a very professional feel to it, which I like. It is a lovely glossy emerald green with silver 'metal' detailing, and comes with a white little cover to protect the product inside from spilling out. The cardboard box the tub comes packaged in is of very good quality - it is so sturdy and firm which adds to the feel that it is quite a luxurious product. What I like about tubs is that I can see how much product is in the tub, and use up everything in the tub. The  only downside is that it is quite unhygienic to dip my fingers into the product each time I use it. It would have been great if a little spatula came with it to scoop out product, but I just make sure that my fingers are really clean. Overall, good packaging! Oh, and the bottom of the cardboard packaging tells the exact month that the product expires, which is really handy!

Scent: This face cream has a very interesting scent, it smells like lemon and citronella to me. It's quite zingy and refreshing. I have sensitive skin and my skin did not react adversely to the scent. It also lingers quite a bit after application, but I do not think this scent would be off-putting to anyone. It fades off in about 30 minutes, I'd say, so for those who dislike scents on the face, it's not too long that you'll have to wait for it to disappear.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Acnex comes in a very lightweight cream-gel texture which is slightly watery. I found the texture very interesting as it looks like a gel but it feels like liquid - if that makes sense. It spreads easily and blends into the skin well. It's non-sticky and not greasy, it leaves my skin looking matte, but not dry. When applied, it stings slightly and tingles for about 5-10 minutes. I panicked at first when I experienced this, but I found it written on the back of the tub (which I forgot to take a pic of, sorry!) that it would tingle for 5-10 minutes, so that's fine.

The main problem for me with Acnex is that it dried out my skin. I tried applying it twice a day , morning and night, and the next morning, I found that it left my skin looking dry and with dry patches. I wasn't sure if it was my skin playing up, or the product, so I stopped for three days, and then applied it morning and night again. Same thing next morning- my skin was dry and slightly flaky. So I decided to use it as spot treatment on my pimples or on acne scars and you know what? It works brilliantly! No dry skin and it basically does what it says!

I noticed a very slight fading of my acne scars after 1 week, and after using it for 8 weeks as a spot/acne scar treatment now (not including the 2-3 weeks I had to stop using this because my skin played up against everything I was using), I can say that it has definitely reduced my acne scars and hyperpigmentation and helped even out my skin tone. If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I suffered from a bad acne outbreak that left me very bad scars 2 years ago, so I am so pleased that this has helped me. It also helps reduce acne, but I don't think it helps prevent them completely (I tend to get a few at that time of the month every month anyway, sigh), it just helps make them smaller. It has also helped minimise my pores, but not much, although I do not think it has helped reduce my blackheads, unfortunately.

Would I purchase this? - Yes, I think I would, although I think this will long time (since I use it as a spot/acne scar treatment)! I do think it does what it says to a certain extent - it has helped me with my acne scars and hyperpigmentation (which is just so hard to get rid of) and also helps reduce the size of my acne. However, it's probably too strong for my skin so I would not apply it all over my face- but as a spot treatment, it works well for me. I think oilier skin types or those without sensitive skin may be able to apply this all over their face, but probably not those with sensitive skin. I would recommend giving this a go if you suffer from acne or acne scars - it might just help you! =D

Where can I purchase this?- If you're in the UK, you can find this in John Bell & Croyden instore. Otherwise, you can find this at PharmaClinix online.

Have you tried Pharmaclinix products? Do you have any acne-fighting products that you'd recommend? =D

xx Amanda


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    1. Thank you dear! It would be great to talk more and collaborate on blog posts xx

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  3. This looks really nice!
    Also, the packaging reminds me of the Glamglow masks!
    Take care*

    1. It's quite nice! =D Oh yeah the packaging is quite similar to Glamglow masks - never really thought of that!

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    1. Thank you! Really appreciate it! I've done it before but I will definitely put up a post to answer your questions! =D

  5. Sounds like a good product. I don't have too much acne but my problem is oil-control. I'm still on the lookout for the ideal product that minimizes oil but still moisturizes.


    1. It is quite good a product! Oil-control problems can be quite annoying... =S I hope you find a product that helps cater to your needs! =)


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