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Review: Kleraderm Antiage & Klerasol Products

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Kleraderm is a brand I was not too familiar with, but I was recently contacted to try out their products so I thought "sure, let's get to know more about them!". Kleraderm is an Italian beauty and wellness brand founded in Bologna in 1981. Kleraderm has entered markets all over the world, including the Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore. The company offers a wide range of skin care products to cater for the different needs of the consumers and its product ranges include products for sensitive skin, aging skin and acne-prone skin. I received 4 products to test, so without further ado, let's jump right into the review!

The first two products are from the Kleraderm Antiage line. As this line is tailored for mature skin, I let me aunt test out the goodies and provide her feedback. I'll be giving my first impressions too! *wink* 

Kleraderm Antiage is a range which caters for aged skin with products which claim to promote hydration, nutrition and a fresh feel to the skin and provide an immediate lifting effect for a renewed, velvety and bright look. 

The two products that I received are the Antiage Botofit Serum 20%* and the Antiage Botofit Cream*. Botofit is the result of technological and innovative research, based on a hexapeptide that reproduces a botulin-like effect, but without the side effects of botulinic toxin injections. It acts by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine, reducing the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles with a significant relaxation of the muscles, preventing the formation of wrinkles and reducing their existance. This range claims to visibly lessen facial expression lines, especially those on the forehead and around the eyes, giving the face new freshness, radiance and splendour. 

The Botofit Serum 20% comes in a beautiful frosted 15ml glass pump bottle which feels really solid and looks luxurious. According to my aunt, this serum has a watery, runny texture and sinks into the skin very quick, so you would have to be fast with applying this. She uses one pump for her whole face in the morning and at night and it leaves her face feeling smooth and supple. Her skin feels hydrated without feeling greasy and sticky. The scent of this baby is amazing - and I have to agree. It has a rather strong floral perfume scent, but she says that it does not last long and is not overpowering so it's fine for those with sensitive noses. The scent also did not irritate her skin - which is great! Botofit Serum 20% also did not cause her any skin irritation, rashes or breakouts, so it would probably be suitable for matured, sensitive skin. I tried this product twice and based on first impressions, I have to agree with what my aunt says. I especially love the scent - it smells so good! In terms of reducing wrinkles and fine lines, she says that there has not been much difference except that her skin looks slightly brighter and more even. One month may be a little too short to see a difference so she thinks that there will be more improvement the longer she uses this.

The Botofit Cream comes in a 50ml jar with the same luxurious frosted glass. It has a protection seal sheet to prevent product contamination prior to the product being opened and used. This face cream has the same gorgeous scent as the Botofit Serum 20%, except it is a milder, lighter version of the serum. My aunt says that the scent fades off quickly too so it will not be an issue for all those sensitive noses. The product is a light cream texture which she says spreads easily and absorbs quick into the skin. It does not leave the skin feeling greasy, oily or sticky and she says it feels so soothing and comforting on her skin. The cream hydrates her skin and makes it feel nourished from within - which she really likes! She uses a pea-sized amount day and night but feels that she prefers this as a day cream because she feels it leaves a thick feeling on her skin the next morning every time she uses it as a night cream. The few times that I have tried this, I feel that it works better for me as a night cream because I feel it can feel a bit heavy on the skin, so I guess this really boils down to preference and what works for each person's skin. Again, she has not seen a significant difference after using this for a month but her skin is soft, smooth and brighter and she feels she would see better results with continued use. Overall, she likes both products and would definitely recommend them to those who want something hydrating and nourishing for the skin.

Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum 20% Ingredients List
Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream Ingredients List
Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Serum 20%
Kleraderm Antiage Botofit Cream
Next up are two products which I tested and was so glad to receive - sunscreen! In sunny Malaysia, you can never get enough sunscreen - trust me. The products are from the Kleraderm Klerasol line: Klerasol SPF 50+ Ultra Protection Sunscreen* and Klerasol SPF 50+ Coloured Ultra Protection Sunscreen*. The Klerasol sunscreens have 5 major ingredients, which are titanium dioxide, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenol triazine, ethylhexyl triazone and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate. I am not too familiar with the ingredients but I will take their word that these ingredients are safe as they have been approved by the EU, USA, Japan and Australia. Both products come in a 50ml pump bottle which I really like as it is hygienic and prevents oxidisation of the sunscreen.

Both sunscreens have the same type of formula - a lightweight cream which blends out oh-so-easily and feels like moisturiser instead of sunscreen. It sinks in easily into the skin and does not leave it feeling greasy. It does feel sticky upon application, though, so I tend to leave it on for maybe 5 minutes to let it dry before I move on to apply my foundation or face powder. I have tried using it many ways and I feel this works best on my skin without any moisturiser underneath it, or if there is moisturiser, a moisturiser which leaves a matte finish. I find that a hydrating moisturiser leaves this feeling a bit heavy on my skin and I tend to feel icky by lunchtime. However, without any moisturiser, this sunscreen feels lovely on my skin and doubles as a moisturiser - which is awesome because that's two in one and saves me time! Both sunscreens have a typical sunscreen scent but it is very mild that I barely notice the scent. I have sensitive skin and these babies did not irritate cause breakouts and rashes to my skin. 

The only difference between these two products is that one is a coloured cream and the other is a cream that applies transparent. The coloured sunscreen is a light beige shade which provides very light, natural coverage. I do not find much of a difference between the finish of both sunscreens on my face. If I press hard, the only difference would probably be that the coloured sunscreen makes my skin look slightly more even and brighter. What I really like about these is that they do not leave a white cast on my skin! So no worries about looking five shades whiter in pictures with these goodies. Hee! Overall, I think these sunscreens are good for what they are - they do not make my skin oily, there is no white cast after application, and the high SPF is a plus! Between the two, I still prefer the coloured one, only because it makes my skin look slightly brighter, but other than that, both are exactly the same!

Kleraderm Klerasol SPF 50+ Ultra Protection Sunscreen Ingredients List
Kleraderm Klerasol SPF 50+ Coloured Ultra Protection Sunscreen Ingredients List
Kleraderm Klerasol SPF 50+ Ultra Protection Sunscreen Swatch
Kleraderm Klerasol SPF 50+ Coloured Ultra Protection Sunscreen Swatch
I hope you enjoyed this review! I have not done a review of quite a few products in one post so hopefully this is not too lengthy hee! I am so pleased I got to try these goodies out as they turned out lovely and I am now introduced to another brand which produces good skin care products - yay!

For more information on Kleraderm, you can check out their website at or contact Clarence at . 

Have you tried Kleraderm products? What do you think of them? =D

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  1. Great review~! I've never heard of this product before, but it sounds nice <33

    1. Sorry for the late response! Thanks! The products are relatively new on the market but they're pretty decent products :)

  2. Thank you so SO much for posting ingredients lists! Very helpful!


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