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Who here loves green tea? I sure do! Green tea latte, green tea chocolate, green tea candy, green tea itself... I like them all. So when I saw the green tea line from Innisfree in store, I knew I had to try it out. I picked up a set box some time back which contained the all-famous green tea seed serum (will not be reviewing it in this post), the green tea balancing skin and green tea balancing lotion. Let's see how I got along with the green tea balancing skin and green tea balancing lotion!

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Innisfree has different green tea skincare lines which cater for the needs of different skin types:

Normal to combination skin: Green Tea Fresh line
Oily skin: Green Tea Balancing line
Dry skin: Green Tea Moisture line
Dehydrated skin: Green Tea Seed line (Special Moisturising and Nourishing Care line)

What is great about these products is that they are 5-free. Innisfree states on its website that it's green tea products lines are free from parabens, synthetic colourants, mineral oil, ingredients from animal origins and imdazolidynil urea.

The products from the balancing line claim to be made of green tea extracted from fresh green tea leaves on Jeju island. Rich in amino acids and minerals, these products help keep the skin moisturised. The natural moisturising agent betaine, derived from amino acids, helps provide intense moisture to combination skin and assists in restoring the skin's balance.

These products have a fresh green tea scent with light floral undertones which I absolutely adore. The scent makes me feel so refreshed and energised! The scent is not long-lasting and did not irritate my skin - plus point!

This product is a lightweight toner which sinks and absorbs quickly into the skin and helps prep the skin for better absorption of the other skincare products. Unlike Western toners, this toner has a texture rather typical of Asian toners in that it is slightly thicker in texture and not as runny as water. I like how balancing skin leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. It feels very cool on the skin and makes my skin feel plump too! 

How to Use
Just twist the cap open and dispense an adequate amount of product onto a cotton pad or your palms and apply the product to your face. I prefer using my palms as I feel it absorbs better into my skin and my palms get some of this goodness too. 3-5 drops is enough for me to apply the product on my face and neck, so a little goes a long way.

This soft lotion is a lightweight moisturiser that provides moisture to the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or oily. It has a slight runny texture so it spreads easily on the skin. I feel that it can leave the skin feeling a bit sticky after application but the sticky feeling goes away after a while and it absorbs pretty well into the skin. I usually use this during the day time though so I tend to apply face powder over it and the final finish just leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. This moisturiser would be best for combination skin as I think it works well to balance out the oil and dryness of those with combination skin. On my dry-at-times skin, I feel this does not provide as much moisture as I would like it to. I still like this though. Paired with a hydrating serum, it does a decent job at keeping my skin fairly moisturised minus any greasy feel. Great for when I want to avoid the shiny face look and am lazy to apply face powder!

How to Use
Similar to the Balancing Skin, just twist the cap open and dispense the product. The opening to dispense this product is slightly larger than the bottle of Balancing Skin, so be careful not to pour out too much product. I use about 5 drops of this baby and apply it on my face and neck.

Used together, these products make a good team and work pretty well in providing moisture and hydration to the skin. I really like the fresh scent of these goodies and am happy that they did not break me out or caused my skin any rash or irritation. I would recommend these for those with normal to combination skin. Dry skinned darlings would probably find this slightly lacking in hydration but paired with a hydrating serum this would work pretty okay. I would like to try out the Moisture Line one day!

You can purchase these products at its online global store or online stores such as and . You can also get these products at an Innisfree store if you have a store near you.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried products from any of Innisfree's green tea lines? Do you like their products? =D


  1. Sounds perfect for me when the weather gets colder x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Do give them a try if you can - they're rather good!


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