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It is rare I take time off work to just rest and relax- but that was what I decided to do about 2 weeks back. And what better way to chill than go for a body massage? I decided to check out a beauty centre called Dr Nano Labcel.. Read on to find out about my body massage experience! =D

Dr Nano Labcel is a beauty company which provides beauty services such as facials, face treatments and massages. It has many outlets across the Klang Valley and one outlet in Penang and the one I visited was the one located at Old Klang Road.

Due to the nature of my job (i.e. long hours sat at a desk staring at a computer), I was suffering from stiff, tired shoulders and tight muscles in my back so I decided to try out the 60 minutes Ginger Oil Body Massage to relax and hopefully release the tension in my muscles. 

According to Dr Nano Labcel, the benefits of the Ginger Oil Body Massage are:

- increase digestive secretions
- improve blood circulation
- relieve rheumatism and cold
- rejuvenate and detoxify the entire body
- awaken the senses and relieve tension
- relieve sore muscles, frozen shoulder and chronic pain

I arrived at the outlet and the staff led me upstairs to one of their massage rooms. The massage rooms did not look great and did not have much ambiance but to me, if the massage was good, I could forgive this part ehehe. If you are worried about your belongings, no fear as they have free lockers downstairs for you to keep your belongings. I met my masseuse who was a lovely Indonesian woman and she explained to me that I would be doing a full body oil massage and that I was to inform her of how strong she was to massage and if I felt pain, to inform her immediately.

We started the massage and she worked on my legs all the way up to my neck and head. If you have parts of your body where you prefer for the masseuse to avoid massaging, feel free to inform her and she will avoid massaging those parts. The massage itself was slightly painful (for my low pain tolerance level hehe) but I decided to bear the pain as I knew that it was only because my muscles were sore and tight. Probably the most painful part was when she rubbed out knots in my back and shoulders. But oh my goodness, after the massage was over, my body felt unbelievably relaxed and 'loose' (for lack of a better word)! The feeling was like sinking into a hot tub and feeling your muscles feel soothed and relaxed. I also really liked that my masseuse was really friendly and cheery. I do not go for massages often so am sometimes a bit nervous during the massage but she helped put me at ease and did her best to make me feel comfortable. After the massage was over, I tipped her, went downstairs and was treated to a warm cup of tea. Overall, it was a relaxing one hour and I am so pleased with the experience!

The best part of this was the price of my massage. The original price of this massage is RM88 for one hour but with the help of Worthy Book - I got it on Buy 1 Free 1 for RM68! So I went with my aunty and we both enjoyed the massage for a total price of RM68. How amazing is that?!

Worthy Book* is a booklet with tons of vouchers which features many different brands in town. The one I have is the Ladies Edition which has vouchers in different categories such as shopping, beauty, fashion, wellness and health. Worthy Book - Ladies Edition has a one year validity period and usually starts and ends in the middle of the year (June/July). It has 150 discount vouchers and features many brands like Zalora, Sothys, Mandara Spa and F Block. I think this is a fabulous way to try out new services and new places at affordable prices! There are so many freebies, buy 1 free 1 and cash vouchers to be used. I probably will try out a facial at another place next!

This booklet is at a very affordable price of RM25 (GST inclusive!) so be sure to grab a copy of this baby which is available at most mainstream bookstores across Malaysia!

Have you tried this booklet? Are you a massage person or a facial person? =D

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