Friday, 7 October 2011

Review: Elf Everyday Brights 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection

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I got this palette free of charge when I made my order on Elf Cosmetics UK. When you look at the box, it shows three rows of bright, pretty colours.

I opened it to find that there was another row of shadows at the bottom. hidden from sight when the palette is closed.

Picture taken without flash

Picture taken with flash
The first row contains shades of browns, the second row shades of greens, the third row pink and blue shades, and the last row shades of grey. The palette contains a mirror on the top of the palette's cover. I find it slightly too small for my liking, but it would be convenient for travelling.

An eyeshadow applicator is included but I took it out 'cause don't really like the applicator. Hee! The packaging is sleek- looking and very light.

Most of the colours consist of shimmery and there are shades with specks of glitter in it. There are a few matte shades in there too.

Whats do I think of the colour payoff and texture? When touching it, the texture is creamy and smooth for most shades. The colour payoff for the shimmery shades are the best IMHO and the matte ones the worst. The ones with glitter specks in them have okay colour payoff but the glitter specks are kinda big and can make my eyes look like a disco ball! Hee!

Here's swatches of the colours!

Row 1 : Without Flash

Row 1: Taken with flash

Row 2: Without flash

Row 2: Taken with flash

Row 3: Without flash

Row 3: Taken with Flash
Row 4: Without flash

Row 4: Taken with flash
So yep, those are the swatches taken with and without flash just to give you an idea of how'd it look like under different lighting conditions. =D

I find though, that applying these colours using my fingers are a much more effective method compared to using brushes, 'cause with brushes there's BARELY any colour, and I have to use so much product I end up getting more fallout instead of colour. Haha!

I think this is a limited edition eyeshadow collection, though. It costs £9 (approx. RM45), and I guess that is a reasonable price considering the number of colours you get, but would I purchase it myself?- Yea, maybe. If it worked better with brushes. Haha!

xx Amanda

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  1. My dear, with that amount of eyeshadows, you'll be in a dilemma because you'll seem to have EVERY eyeshadow shade in the market. Well, that's my problem anyways, sheesh. ^.^


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