Sunday, 11 September 2011

Review: Soap & Glory Blueberry Thrill BIG Butter

Hey ya dearies!

Just felt like doing multiple posts today so am gonna review a couple of products. In this post, it will be Soap & Glory's Blueberry Thrill Big Butter from their Spa range.

The first time I spotted Soap & Glory's products was in a Boots pharmacy in Thailand. The products have very attractive retro packaging. We did not have it back here until recently but I had already bought this body butter. I bought this on sale in Boots Thailand for 300 Baht (approx. RM30), and decided to give it a try.

It comes in a 300ml blue tub and is a light purple in colour. Some people may find that it can be unhygienic and a breeding ground for germs because it's in a tub, although that doesn't bother me so I'm fine.

The first thing that hit me when I opened the tub was its smell. It's DELICIOUS!! A very sweet yet rich blueberry scent with hints of citrus notes such as lemon, and orange. I couldn't stop smelling it. Really makes a person want to eat it too! =D

It has a rich, thick texture and took me some time to properly rub and apply into my skin. After application, my skin felt soft and smooth. Plus, the smell lingered for almost the whole day, which I loved! At 300ml, the product can also last a couple of months!

However, I did not feel like it completely soaked into skin, it felt instead like a layer of film covering my skin. And it was sticky too. When I touched water, it would 'glide' ( I don't know if that's the right word to use) off my skin, making it slippery. Also, it was a bit difficult to get the proper amount of body butter I wanted out of the tub unless i used a spoon.

My siblings also complained that the smell was over-powering in a very sweet way and quite suffocating. So for you dearies who are not into extremely sweet scents, this body butter may turn you off.

And on a student budget, even at RM30, I find it slightly steep a price for a body butter.

List of ingredients:

Pros: Very sweet long-lasting scent, nice thick texture, skin felt smooth

Cons: Felt sticky after a while, doesn't completely soak into skin, can be a suffocating smell for some people

Would I repurchase? Unlikely.

You can find this product in Sephora Kuala Lumpur at approx. RM54. Interested? =D


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