Friday, 21 October 2011

Review: Maybelline Water Shiny Diamond Diamonds Lipstick

Hey ya!

I'm like WAY late to review this product as it is limited edition and I don't think it is sold anymore but just thought I'd give my opinion on it anyway. =)

Product: Maybelline Water Shiny Diamond Diamonds Lipstick in Disco Pink
Price: RM24.90
Content: 4grams

List of ingredients:

Okay, so I found it quite difficult to capture the true colour of this lipstick, so I took it under different lightings to give you an idea of how it the colour looks like.

Picture taken under natural lighting- NO FLASH

Picture taken under natural lighting - WITH FLASH

Picture taken under artificial lighting - NO FLASH
Out of the three pictures above that I've shown you, I think that the third picture (artificial lighting) is the one most true to colour.

Packaging: The lippie comes in a pinkish-reddish tube which has a metallic/shiny look, and silver encasing. I would not actually say it looks classy but it does look cute to me. =3 It is also very light and easy to tote around in my handbag for quick touch-ups!

Colour: It is a very BRIGHT neon-like pink with little bits of silver glitter in it. The only word I can think of to describe it is CUTE. Haha! You can see in the picture below the tiny specks of glitter. I love this colour!

Application/Texture/Consistency: The texture of the lippie is very 'watery', it is more like a sheer colour which needs to be builded up instead of a solid colour. The lippie glides on easily on my lips, and I thought it would feel gritty because of the glitter specks but it did not! It lasts reasonably long on my lips too- approx. 4 hours. As the texture is more 'watery' instead of creamy, it gives my lips a glossy/shiny look without having to apply any lip gloss over it.

You can see from my picture that it's quite sheer and 'watery' right?  However, I can't deny that it's so PINK and glossy looking- I like!

However, I really am not much a fan of 'watery' sheer lipsticks. I much prefer colours that are thick and creamy without me having to apply tons of product on my lips to have it look like there's some colour on it.

Would I repurchase?- Yea I would, if this was still available, 'cause it's quite affordable for a rather unique colour shade.

Do you like wearing bright pink lippies? =)

xx Amanda

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