Monday, 26 December 2011

EOTD: Brunch With The Girls

Hey there! Just thought I'd post up a little Eye Of The Day (EOTD) that I did a while back.

This is a very simple look which I wore to go out for brunch with the girl friends. It is a very light look; sweet and not too over-powering that it can be worn to work, school or even a date! =D

This look has hints of pink,peach and sand. Wanted it to look natural so that I could wear it to many occasions - versatile! =D I winged my eye liner out very thinly to create a more cat-like look.

So here's a quick breakdown on how I created this look:-

- Green circle: I used this colour (a glittery cream colour) as the base shade, shade for the inner corner of the eyes as well as the highlight shade underneath my eyebrow.
- Blue circle: I placed this colour (a shimmery taupe-sand colour) in the middle of my eyelid
- Pink circle: I mixed these two colours (a  shimmery light pink and shimmery light purple) and placed them on the outer corner of my eyes

The products I used:-

- Eyeshadows from Elf Everyday Brights 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection (review here)
- Maybelline Hypersharp Liner (review here)
- Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara (review here)
- Essence Kajal Pencil in White (review here) --> as sticky/creamy base for eyeshadow
- Essence Metallic Eye Pencil in White Divine (review here) --> to line waterline
- Cyber Colours Eye Definer Pencil in Deep Black --> to line outer corner of waterline
- Elf Studio Eye shadow C Brush (review here) --> for applying eye shadow
- Elf Eye Blending Brush (review here) --> for blending eye makeup

So yep! This is a simple, everyday look that anyone can wear! Just pop on the colour and blend according to your liking! Hope you liked the look! =D
xx Amanda 

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