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Review: Barry M Instant Nail Effects and Make Up Academy (MUA) Nail Quake Nail Polish

Hey ya dearies!

This has been due ages so I thought I'd better quickly post it up!! This is Part 3 and the last review of my UK nail polish haul which I mentioned here.

From left to right:
- Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Blue Print
- Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic
- Make Up Academy (MUA) Nail Quake Nail Polish in Shattered Ice

These are nail polishes which give the cracked effect like the famous O.P.I Shatter, although at a much cheaper price. Hehe! Since I'll be reviewing two brands of nail polish in this post, I thought I'd break it up to make it easier for you guys to read!

This is a gorgeous pastel sky-blue colour which I really adore! Colour is quite a unique shade- somehow it reminds me of easter eggs. Weird... Haha!

The next picture I'm gonna show you is...

This is your classic black shade of cracking nail polish- suitable to be used on top of any nail polish colour! =D

Product: Barry M Instant Nail Effects
Price: £3.99 a bottle
Made in: Not stated on the bottle =S
Content: 10ml


The last one is...

A silver cracking nail polish. Very sleek colour!

Product: MUA Nail Quake Nail Polish in Shattered Ice
Price: £2.99
Made in: UK
Content: 10ml

Packaging: All three bottles come in simple glass bottles. I found Barry M's packaging more attractive with the cracked motif on its bottle cap whereas MUA's bottle cap was a simple black cap. They are all easy to tote around for travelling in a handbag.

Colour: I like all three colours (that's why I bought them!) but among the three, I like the blue one the best. I just really like the colour, so pretty!
Application/Texture/Consistency: All three nail polishes have brushes which are easy to use and easily helped me control how much to apply on my nail. The texture of the nail polishes were smooth and not clumpy EXCEPT Barry M's Instant Nail Effect in Black Magic which came out so clumpy and practically instantly dried the minute I took the brush out of the bottle. However, I think it is only that bottle which probably had 'faulty' polish in it, so other bottles should have a smooth consistency.

Design on nails: Barry M's polishes creates a cracked look whereas MUA's polish creates a more streaky line look IMO.

Durability: Both brands last for approx. 4 days on my nails without a top coat before starting to fade. Pretty reasonable!

Price: At £3.99 (approx. RM20) per bottle for Barry M and £2.99 (approx. RM15) per bottle for MUA, I think it is pretty reasonable for cracking design nail polishes.

How I use them: After painting my nails in any colour I want and letting it completely dry, I paint a layer of the Barry M or MUA nail polish and let it do its magic! An important thing is to NOT let the polish overlap when you're painting it! It'll get clumpy and the design won't come out clearly.

Here's swatches of the nail polishes!

That's Barry M's Black Magic and Blue Print which I alternated on my fingers to create a simple NOTD. Hehe! Really like how grunge-y it looks!

The nail polish I used under them is Rimmel's I Love Lasting Finish Fruities Nail Polish in Apricot Punch and Lemon Drop- you can check out the review for these polishes here! =D

Next swatch is...

This is MUA's Shattered Ice over Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in Blue It (check out the review for this polish right here!). As you can see, it has a more streaky effect and look to it. Really looks like it's name, Shattered Ice. Hee!

My final thoughts?- I personally like the effect and design that Barry M's nail polish gives. I feel it really is 'cracked' compared to MUA's streaky pattern. But for you girls who prefer streaky lines, MUA would probably be the one for you! =D

Would I repurchase?- Definitely for Barry M! As for MUA, probably not 'cause I'm not too keen on the design. But otherwise, I do think MUA is value for money and is decent quality nail polish.

Where can I purchase this?- Unfortunately, this is unavailable in Malaysia. However, it can be found in drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug in the UK.

What other cracked design nail polishes do you like? =D
xx Amanda

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  1. That's really pretty! I have black shatter and silver shatter from OPI heeheee and I love them to death. Too bad my silver shatter dried on me already.


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