Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cheap n' Chic!: Casual Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Hiya dearies!

So I was thinking what I could post up here that would be slightly different from the normal product reviews that I do- sometimes it can get pretty dull. Hee!

So I decided to post up an OOTD which I have put together a couple of times for various different occasions.

I do feel that it is possible to dress stylishly and comfortably without having to burn a hole in my uni student pocket- and to prove that, this whole outfit costs a max of RM100! =D


- Gray and white striped cropped jacket (can't rmb the name of the shop), RM33
- White spaghetti top (Forever 21), RM15
- Red ribbon waist belt (Jusco Departmental Store- hee!), RM19.90
- Black high waist pencil skirt (Forever 21), RM29


Just wanna show you a bit more of the details of this outfit...

My mum actually got this for herself, decided she didn't want it in the end and gave it to me! Haha! I like how it has a sheer black polka-dotted lace covering and contrasting with the red of the ribbon. =)

Also just wanted to show you a close-up of the silver buttons on the jacket with it military design- cool! =D

So... yep! I really like this outfit and just thought I'd share it with you. =D

Cheap yet stylish IMO! =D

Where do you shop at to get cheap yet chic items? =D

xx Amanda

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