Thursday, 26 January 2012

Review: LiPSMACKER Classic Balm in Watermelon

Hiya dearies!

So I am one who is a total lipbalm addict. I wear lipbalm everywhere- to uni, at home, when I sleep... Haha!

So I was very excited to receive this lipbalm from YUBERACTIVE to review. Wanna know what I thought of this? Keep reading! =D

Product: LiPSMACKER Classic Balm in Watermelon
Price: RM12.90
Made in: USA
Content: 4 grams

Packaging: The lipbalm comes in a slim, bright green plastic tube which is very cute and eye-catching! The font in bright pink on the tube gives good contrast and makes the words stand out. Green and pink- watermelon colours, very cute! The packaging also gives quite a solid feel to it- must be the tough plastic. Hee! Overall, the packaging oozes fun and is a bright addition to any makeup bag!

See the flat shape of the balm? =D

Application/Texture/Consistency: This lipbalm is flat-shaped and is very easy to apply on the lips as it glides on smoothly and easily. It is a very sheer red/pink but applies clear. I found the texture quite waxy, and not in a very good way, 'cause it did not feel very moisturising and did not do much for my lips compared to other lipbalms that I have tried. I just felt like my lips were coated with something.... and that's it. However, it applies like a sheer gloss so it can be used to give lips a light glossy effect without any colour. =)

A view from the top of the lipbalm- it's a sheer red/pink see? =D

Durability: This lasts about 45 minutes to an hour on my lips, but I am not bothered much by this because I find lipbalms generally need to be reapplied after a while.

Scent/Taste: I adore the scent of this lipbalm- watermelon! Smells so sweet and juicy! Plus it actually tastes like watermelon bubblegum- yummy! Have to try not to lick my lips. Haha! =D

Here's the list of the ingredients (although it's blocked halfway by the expiration date sticker which I tried to take off but only managed to tear the paper packaging):-

Price: At RM12.90 for this lipbalm, I think it's pretty reasonable, although it costs more than the lipbalms I prefer (Nivea, Mentholatum Lip Ice).

Here's how the lipbalm looks like on my lips:-

You can see it's clear and leaves a glossy sheen to my lips, yea? So can save money on a lipgloss and use this as a lipgloss/lipbalm instead! Haha!

Would I purchase this?- Unfortunately, I would not because it does not moisturise my lips as much as I would like it to. I personally prefer more moisturising lipbalms with a thicker texture. However, if you like your lips to be lightly moisturised, have a glossy sheen besides smelling and tasting super yummy, then this may be the lipbalm for you!

Where can I purchase this?- So far I have only seen this in Watson's Pharmacy, so that's all I can tell you dearies for now. =)

Have you tried this lipbalm or any other LiPSMACKER's? What do you think?

NOTE: This product was given to me for consideration and I did not purchase it. However, I can assure you that my opinion is my honest opinion and not biased in any way towards or against the sponsor. =)

xx Amanda


  1. hehe love lip smackers! i used to be obsessed with them when I was little, especially the reese's peanut butter cup flavor & the coke soda! lovely review:)

    Rosie Anna

    1. Thanks Rosie Anna! =D I've used a couple of their products too when I was younger like the cinnamon chocolate chip cookie from their Christmas range (I think that's the name!) but have never tried the flavours you like! =D


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