Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Mist & Moisturising Sheet Mask

Hello there!

So here's the last two products of the Hada Labo range that I own and will review for you right now! =D

The first product is...

Product: Hada Labo SHA Moisturising Mist
Price: RM30.90
Made in: China
Content: 45ml

What it claims: Contains two types of Hyaluronic Acid: Super HA & Nano HA that deeply penetrates to restore critical moisture in skin, mild formulation, skin pH balanced, low irrtation, free of fragrances, colourant, alcohol and mineral oil.


Packaging: It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a little nozzle at the top that can be easily pressed to spray out the mist. Simple, no fuss packaging, and it's easy to tote around in a handbag for quick pick-me-ups during the day when I need to feel refreshed.

Application/Texture/Consistency: This facial mist comes in a clear liquid which sprays into a fine mist that is easily absorbed into the skin. It is really easy and fuss-free to spray it as well. Although it does take a while to sink into the skin, and can feel slightly sticky. The sticky feeling does not last very long, though- so that's okay. It does leave my skin feeling soft, supple and it does not feel greasy, which I like.

Scent: It does not have any fragrance- which I think is great as it will not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin! =D

How I use it: I hold the bottle approx. 15cm away from my face and close my eyes as said in the instructions and spray about 4 sprays all over my face. Then, gently pat the mist into your skin until absorbed. I have 3 uses for this product:- as a moisturiser, as a facial mist when I want to feel refreshed and also to set my makeup after I have finished applying it.

Price: At RM30.90, I think it's pretty reasonable for a facial mist that works reasonably well. =)

Would I repurchase?- Yes, if I feel the need for a facial mist. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't as I mostly use it as a moisturiser, and I can actually use my moisturiser itself for that instead of having two products do the same job.

Next product to be reviewed is...

Product: Hada Labo SHA Moisturising Sheet Mask
Price: RM9.90
Made in: Japan
Content: 22ml

What it claims: Skin is instantly soothed, revitalised, more resilient leaving it velvety soft, supple and dewy moist. Skin pH balanced, low irrtation and free of fragrances, colourant, alcohol and mineral oil.

Ingredients: I honestly can't write this because I received the mask in it's packet itself without any english translation- everything was in Japanese. Hehe!

Packaging: The sheet mask comes in an aluminium-like packaging and everything is written in Japanese. I wouldn't say it's eye-catching, it's just silver in colour with words on it.

Application/Texture/Consistency: The mask is a sheet mask which is easy to apply on the face and it covers all parts of my face properly. It can only be used once. The essence totally soaks the mask and I felt slightly uncomfortable like I always tend to feel everytime I apply sheet masks as I always feel like there's something dripping down my neck. Haha! The essence took really long to soak into my skin after I removed the mask and it felt rather sticky.

Scent: It did not have any scent, but I did smell something that smelled refreshing, so maybe that's it. =D

How I use it: I apply it on to my face and leave it on for 20 minutes. After removing the mask, I massage any extra essence into my face, neck and even arms 'cause there was so much leftover. Then, I pat the essence into my face and leave it to dry for a while. The next morning when I cleansed my face, my face felt super soft, moisturised and plump. I did feel a thin layer of film slide off my face though- guess the essence did not soak in completely. The after-effects of this mask also lasted for about a day.

Here's the instructions on the mask packet teaching how to use it:-

All written in Japanese though so I just had to make do with the pictures. Haha!

Price: At RM9.90, it's pretty decent pricing if you're looking for a mask that can hydrate the skin pretty well.

Would I repurchase?- Unlikely, 'cause I don't think it's that great a mask. It does hydrate the face pretty well but I dislike the fact that it takes AGES for the essence to soak into the skin. If that does not bother you though, then you may want to give this mask a try! =D

Where can I purchase this?- At all major pharmacies nationwide such as Guardian, Watsons and Caring.

Anyway, here's a picture of myself with the mask (I always feel so silly putting a picture of myself looking all messy and wearing a mask on my blog, but for the best interests of my dear readers I would do that! =D):-

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Haha! So I'm gonna head off now! What skincare products would you recommend? =D

Wishing you a great week ahead!

xx Amanda


  1. Great review!... I really want to try this product !

    1. Thank you! Do give this product a try if you can! =)


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