Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: RIMMEL Moisture Renew Lipstick in Soft Coral

Hey ya there!!

I've been so EXHAUSTED lately just trying to finish up assignments, prepping for classes and tutorials that I have not had time to blog. I feel so 'out' of the blogging sphere.. =S

But anyway I'm taking a quick break from all the craziness to bring to you a review on one of the lippies I'm currently lovin'! =D

What's in this tube of purple goodness? =D

Product: RIMMEL Moisture Renew Lipstick in #600 Soft Coral
Price: RM26.90
Made in: England
Content: 4g

Packaging: This lippie comes in a bright, glossy royal purple plastic tube with a plastic rim. It feels very light- like I'm not carrying anything at all! It has a very 'fun' and 'young' feel to it, although I would not say it's classy. The packaging can look pretty cheap sometimes.

Colour: The colour is a peach-pink nude with slight orange undertones to it, which I think can be a suitable colour for many skintones as it is more of a soft peach colour. It has tiny silver reflects in it which gives it a glittery look. 

Lemme give you a close-up on the tiny glitter particles in the lipstick...

Can you see them? There's LOADS of it! Haha! =D

Scent: The lippie has a rather strong floral-citrusy scent which may be a turn-off for those who dislike scented lipsticks but it doesn't really bother me. =D Plus, the scent fades away after a while when applied on the lips. Or maybe my nose got used to the scent. Hehe!

Application/Texture/Consistency: Soft Coral has a slight watery texture to it which allows smooth application, and it applies glossy. When applying, it can feel a bit gritty 'cause of the tiny glitter particles but I do not really feel it on my lips. The texture is not really drying, although I always prep my lips with a lipbalm prior to applying lipstick for easier application. It gives a nice, light finish and the colour is buildable as one layer is pretty sheer.

Here's swatches of the lipstick in different lighting conditions:-

That's a swatch in natural lighting. Looks slightly orange-y yea?

And here's the swatch in indoor lighting...

And in indoor lighting it looks more peach-nude to me.

Durability: It lasts on my lips for approx. 4 hours, which is pretty long-lasting I'd say! Although re-application is a must to make sure my lips are nicely coloured. =D

Price: At RM26.90, I really cannot complain about it being expensive. It really is worth the money for the colour shade, quality and content!

So here's a picture of the lipstick applied on my lips:-

Would I repurchase?- Yep I would. The colour is pretty light which makes it very versatile and suitable for many occasions like school, work or just a casual day out without me feeling too glammed up. 

Where can I purchase this?- In pharmacies such as Watsons, Guardian and also in Parksons Departmental Store (the bigger ones I think, not the small ones)

I'm gonna post one more post and then I gotta get back to my work! Haha!

So what other peach coloured lipsticks have you tried and like? =D Would love to hear from you!

xx Amanda


  1. Thanks for this review...I'm also currently in love with this lipstick! It look FAB on you btw :)

    1. Welcome! And yea I love this lipstick too! Really brightens up the complexion. Hehe! And aww.. Thanks.=3

  2. I am not actually a fan of glittery and shimmery particles in a lipsticks but in the picture above the shimmery particles are not visible on the lips.
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    1. Hi justsoyouknow! The shimmery particles are slightly visible in real life, they did not come out too clear in the pictures. But it's not that obvious unless you stare real close. Hehe! =D


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