Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nina by Nina Ricci! =D

Hello darlings!! So this is my last post for the day before I rush off back to my never-ending pile of assignments and tutorials. *sigh*

This was a surprise Christmas gift given to me by the boyfriend, which I thought was really sweet, seeing how I was not expecting anything. Thank you! =D

Product: Nina by Nina Ricci Perfume
Price: £26.50 (approx. RM132.50)
Made in: France
Content: 30ml EDT

This fragrance debuted in 2006 and is described as "A modern fairy tale. For all young women searching for surprise and fantasy. The perfect opportunity for enchantment and seductive femininity."

Packaging: The glass bottle is shaped like an apple, and is completed by a silver cap which resembles the 'head' of the apple with its leaves as well. It looks cute, and is a very interesting addition to anyone's perfume collection. I did not expect 30ml to be so tiny though! It was like a small apple which fitted nicely into my palm!

Here's the list of ingredients:-

Durability:  I sprayed a spritz each on each hand and the scent lasted for about 4-5 hours before fading off completely! Pretty long-lasting!

Scent: My first impression when I smelled it the first time was "Whoa, that's strong!". But after getting used to the scent, I actually really like it and have been wearing it almost everyday since! Haha! It has a sweet floral smell with slight fruity and musky undertones. It can smell abit 'heavy' at times, but I think that's 'cause of the musk in the perfume. It smells really elegant and classy, yet fun- does that even make sense? Haha! I do think that this scent can be worn to many occasions, be it to a fancy event, out shopping or a day at work or school.

Fragrance Description: ( I got this info from theperfumeshop.com)

Top notes: Lemon, Lime
Heart notes: Red Toffee Apple, Praline, Vanilla
Base notes: Wood Accord, White Cedar, Cotton Musk
Scent: Floral
Feel: Enchanting, Feminine, Seductive

Price: I do not know how much it costs in Malaysia but I did some research as to how much it costs in the UK ('cause that's where he got it from) and after conversion, at RM132.50, I'd say it's pretty reasonable a price for a designer fragrance. I notice perfumes in the UK can be significantly cheaper than the perfumes back here. Must be our high tax duty. Frus. Haha!

Would I purchase?- Yep I definitely will! The bf has definitely gotten me hooked on this scent. Haha!

So... now I REALLY gotta run and complete my assignment!

Do share with me what your favourite fragrances are and what scents you like! Would love to know! =D

Have a great week ahead!

xx Amanda


  1. oooh this stuff sounds pretty, i always use DKNY Be Delicious which is absolutely lovely, so fresh and feminine.. you should try it :)

    1. Hi Charlotte! Yea this perfume really smells very pretty, and yes I have never tried DKNY Be Delicious but will check it out! Thanks! =D


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