Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Etude House Petit Darling Nails Nail Polish in BR301 & PK010

Hiya dearies!

So I've recently been on a must-buy-nail-polish mode and I bought many colours! Here's two that I will review for you today! =D

Product: Etude House Petit Darling Nails Nail Polish in BR301 & PK010
Price: RM5.90 each
Made in: Korea (?)
Content: 7ml

Since there are two polishes, I'll show you each colour first and then get on to the review. =D

First one is BR301:-

Colour: This colour is a GORGEOUS red rose/pink colour. It looks good on all skin tones IMO and really matches everything I wear somehow! Haha! I feel it is an elegant yet sweet and not too mature colour. One of my favourite colours now! =D

Next is PK010...

Colour: This is a very sweet, pastel pink that exudes a girly, cute and feminine feel. Kinda reminds me of cotton candy! =D

So on to the review now folks! This review will be for both the nail polishes. Hee!

Packaging: The packaging is cute and simple- a pastel baby pink cap and a glass bottle. There is an elegant-looking motif on the top of the cap which adds to the cute factor. It's really small and super easy to tote around anywhere, too! =D

Swatch of BR301

Application/Texture/Consistency: I found the texture of BR301 to be slightly thick yet easier to apply compared to the consistency of PK010 which was quite runny and made the polish a bit streaky. Funny how to polishes from the same brand can have different textures, huh. Both polishes needed two coats to create an opaque and smooth finish. Application may be difficult if you do not like a long, thin brush, but it did not bother me much- just have to apply the polish in more strokes! Haha! =D

Swatch of PK010

Durability: Both polishes lasted approx. 4 days on my nails before chipping noticeably. Pretty decent stay-power I'd say! =D Plus, it was applied without a base coat or top coat!

Swatch of BR301 under indoor lighting

Price: At RM5.90 each, it is affordable for pretty good quality nail polish!

Swatch of BR301 under indoor lighting with flash
Would I repurchase these?- Yes! I like the colours 'cause they're cute and the quality is pretty decent. Plus, the price won't burn a hole in my pocket, so yay! =D

Swatch of PK010 under indoor lighting

And another swatch of PK010...

Swatch of PK010 under indoor lighting with flash
Where can I purchase these?- At all Etude House stores nationwide.

So have you tried Etude House nail polishes? What do you think of them? =D

xx Amanda


  1. I like the BR301 because it has more of a classic feel. However the PK010 looks like a fun summer color.

  2. Hi Aleya! I definitely agree! BR301 really does exude a classic feel and PK010 is a cute pink- perfect for summer! =D


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