Friday, 6 April 2012

Review & NOTD: Elianto Nail Colour in S06 & S10

Hey ya dearies!!

I profusely apologise for the HUGE lack of posting recently. Been very busy preparing for my final exams which are coming up in less than a month! =S Will not be posting much until it ends, so I apologise in advance for my absence from this blog.

And this is random, but I'm currently addicted to Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break"- keep playing it on repeat! Hehe! =D

Anyway, I've been missing you all quite a bit so I decided to put in a quick post on two more nail polishes that I picked up recently (I am SUCH a nail polish freak- really haha!).

Product: Elianto Nail Colour in S10 and S06 respectively
Price: RM5.50 each
Made in: Korea
Content: 14ml

These two polishes are part of Elianto's latest range of nail polishes. The colours in the new range come in codenames instead of a name such as "Indian Red" or "Peach" etc. I know some people prefer nail polishes to have catchy names, but IMO it does not really bother me, as long as I can remember the name of the polish. Haha!

So anyway, I'll show you pics of each polish respectively and then only go on to have a joint review about both the polishes. =)

First up is Elianto Nail Colour in S06:-

Colour: This colour I think can be easily mistaken to be turquoise, but I honestly do think it leans more towards being a shade of green. Go check it out at an Elianto counter where it stands next to a turquoise polish, and you'll see what I mean! Other than that, it is a really bright, fun and happy colour- quite like a mint pastel green. =) 

And the next polish is Elianto Nail Colour in S10:-

Colour: Now THIS is a colour that I've been reaching for quite often since I purchased it. It is a gorgeous, bright grape purple. I find the shade rather unique as I have not seen it anywhere else so far. I've gotten quite a few compliments wearing this shade. It screams "FUN!". =D

Anyway, so now onto the joint review!

Packaging: The polishes come in a simple glass bottle with a slim handle.No fuss and frills, my type of packaging. May look cheap, but that doesn't bother me as long as there is quality. =)

Swatch of S06

Application/Texture/Consistency: I found both polishes to have a rather thick texture, making it slightly clumpy and streaky, hence a little bit more difficult to apply. This must be something new as well I guess, since I find all their older polishes to have thinner consistency. However, if you paint it in thin coats, it should be fine. Two coats are needed to give a solid, opaque finish. The brushes are not too thin, nor too wide; so application is pretty easy and smooth.

Swatch of S10
Durability: Both polishes last for about 4 days without a top coat and base coat before noticeably chipping- decently long-lasting I'd say. =D

Swatch of S06 under natural lighting

Price: At RM5.50 per polish, it's very affordable for the quality and quantity!

Swatch of S10 under indoor lighting
Would I repurchase these?- Well, I like the colour of S10 more than S06 so I'd definitely repurchase that! As for S06, I don't think I'll repurchase just 'cause I don't find the shade as unique, but for the quality and amount of polish I get from both polishes, I'd say generally that they are worth repurchasing! =D

Another swatch of S06 under natural lighting- just realised I did not take a shot of it under indoor lighting @.@

And another swatch of S10...

S10 swatch taken under natural lighting

Where can I purchase these?- At all Elianto counters nationwide

So have you tried Elianto nail polishes? What do you think of them? =D

xx Amanda


  1. I have the shade s10 and did the small review about it. really have gorgeous shade ever especially after applying top coat.

  2. I like S09 and I love mint green

    1. Mint green is a pretty colour! I can't remember what colour S09 is though.. will check it out when I'm home!


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