Monday, 12 March 2012

A Peek Into My Life: Secret Recipe Dinner

Hello hello!

I meant to post this last Saturday night but had some problems loading the pictures, so am only managing to put it up now. =D

So here's another non-beauty related post but just thought I'd share what I had for dinner last Saturday, just for the fun of it. Hehe!

Please excuse the the slightly blurry pictures that will come in this post 'cause I took them with an iPod, hence the not-so-clear images.

So anyway, went for dinner at Secret Recipe, and when we arrived there, we were pleasantly surprised by this...

Yes! Secret Recipe is having a 'Buy 3 Free 1' promotion in conjunction with their 15th anniversary from 10 March-25 March 2012! We were not expecting it at all, but it was pretty good!

The thing about this promotion is that if you buy any 3 things listed in the same "category" of food, you'll get 1 free from that category, the lowest price being the one that comes free.

There were only 3 of us but we were delighted that we could have an extra dish to share(greedy greedy!), hehe! So here's two of the dishes we ordered:-

That's beef lasagne- it's also available in chicken, and...

Spaghetti meatballs! I chose the beef meatballs.=D There's a choice of chicken meatballs too. Both dishes were yummy, but I prefer the spaghetti meatballs 'cause the meatballs were gigantic and chunky. Hehe! =D The other two dishes we had were Vegetarian Japanese Soba (pretty okay) and Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce with Rice (the black pepper sauce was yummy, chicken was pretty tender).

Then we got greedy and decided to have cake too! So each of us ordered a cake, and then got one free! So the cakes we had were:

That's Classic Cheese cheesecake:-

That was the cake that I chose for myself, and it is really yummy! Although I don't really fancy thet layer of cream on the top; would much prefer if it was wholly cheese. =)

And this is Durian Cheesecake:-

It was my first time trying this and wow, it was pretty good! Very solid! For those who may be wondering what a 'durian' is, it's a fruit with yellow flesh, and a thorny, green coloured exterior. The most distinctive trait about the durian IMO would be it's smell; it has a very strong smell that may or may not deter some people from eating the fruit. I personally have no problems with the smell or eating it, although I prefer not to eat it as it's rather fattening and quite heaty. Here's a picture of the durian:-

So the next two cakes we had were...

That's Durian Durian, which is a cake with sponge and durian ice cream. Pretty yummy!

And the last cake is...

White Chocolate Macademia. This one's a sponge cake with some sort of cream (but it doesn't really taste like cream at the same time, I don't know how to explain it. Haha!) and lil chunks of macademia nut in it. Yummy too!

So yep! If you like dining at Secret Recipe or enjoy eating their cakes and brownies, this promotion is pretty good if there's a minimum of three dishes ordered. So if there's 4 people eating, the fourth person eats for free! Oh, and I forgot to mention, it only applies to dine-in, but it's ALL day! Haha!

I think I'll head back there for another round with the family soon to make use of this promotion!

So I gotta go have dinner now- hope you have a great week ahead!

xx Amanda

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