Sunday, 8 July 2012

Review: Daiso Rose Body Scrub

Hiya darlings!

So I got this product way back when I was looking for a body scrub, and chanced upon this, and being curious just purchased it. I'm almost finished with it so I thought I'd better do a review before it completely runs out! =D

Product: Daiso Rose Body Scrub
Price: RM5
Made in: Vietnam
Content: 120grams

Here's the list of ingredients:-

Packaging: This body scrub comes in a pastel pink plastic squeezy tube with a tiny hole which helps control the amount of product dispensed. It also came sealed, which I think is a good thing so that the product is not exposed to air and bacteria until opened. The tube has pink roses on it as well which makes the tube look really cute, and adds to the girly feel of the packaging.



How I use it:

Price: At RM5, this product is very worth the money. I would recommend this product, for sure.

Here's how the product looks like:-

Would I repurchase this?- Yes I would. I think it's excellent value for money and it works well on my skin. =)

Where can I purchase this?- This can be found at all Daiso outlets nationwide.

Have you tried this? What body scrubs would you recommend? =D

xx Amanda


  1. It looks like it could be used daily without causing damage to the skin which is good for people with dry skin.

    1. Yeap, the tiny grains are actually not harsh at all, so those with sensitive skin or dry skin could most probably use this without any problems. =)


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