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Review: Kimmi Fragrance - Lily

Hey ya dearies!

I am so sorry to have not posted much sooner! Been very busy with life and also a big change that is happening soon which I will tell you about in a few posts to come! So anyway...

I must say that I'm not much of a perfume collector. I like nice-smelling scents but spraying perfume sometimes feels more like a chore than anything else to me. However, I've lusted over this perfume for almost two years before finally caving in and purchasing it about half a year ago.
Product: Lily by Kimmi Fragrance
Price: RM129
Made in: France
Content: 50ml EDT
If you're wondering what is Kimmi Fragrance and the really cute-looking Japanese doll on the box of the perfume packaging, well, the Japanese doll on the box is known as a Kimmidoll® which is directly inspired by the traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls from the 19th century. Those little dolls are part of this country’s culture since two century and are offered as proof of love and friendship and for wishes of happiness and good health. This doll on the box is known as Lily, and is a Kimmidoll® JUNIOR, but there are many other dolls and junior dolls in the Kimmidoll® collection.
Kimmi Fragrance is produced under license by KOTO Parfums which is a French house specialising in children perfumes (yeah, I know, I like kid's perfumes, haha!) and there are a few other doll perfumes in this collection, but the ones sold in Malaysia are Mimi, Niki and Lily.
Packaging: The box which cases this perfume is so cute! Open it up and a perfume encased in a  glass bottle shaped like a Japanese dolls appears before your eyes- the bottle is really adorable! It looks exactly like a little Japanese doll and looks really good sitting on my table- 'nuff said. =D The head of the doll is also the cap and it opens to reveal the spray. My only gripe about the packaging is that the bottle cap is a little too loose so the head falls off from the bottle if I'm carrying it in my handbag- maybe I bought a dud?
Here's the list of ingredients:-
Durability: I spritz this on my wrists, inner part of my elbows and shoulders and the scent lasts for about 3-4 hours. Pretty decent lasting power IMO. =)

Scent: This perfume has a really sweet scent, which I fell in love with the first time I caught a whiff of it. I feel that it it starts of smelling sweet and fruity; sniff it for a few more seconds and then I catch the floral and slight musk undertones of this perfume. It gives a very cute, girly and fun feel to the wearer, too. I think this would better suit younger females, but then again, I always feel that if I like the scent, it does not matter whether I'm young or old, I'd wear it anyway! =)
Here's the fragrance description (top notes, heart notes and base notes listed from top to bottom):-


Price: At RM129 for a bottle, it is not cheap for a bottle of perfume which I bought in Watson's, but if comparing it to branded/designer perfumes, it is pretty standard pricing, if not slightly cheaper. The main reason why I put off purchasing this was because I found it slightly pricey, but I saved up and eventually got it.
Before I forget, the perfume comes with some stickers that can be used to stick all over the perfume bottle as well as a passport giving short descriptions about the doll characters and their friendship motto (sort of).
Friendship passport on the left, stickers on the right

So after placing the stickers on my doll bottle just for fun, here's the end result! =D
Would I repurchase?- As much as I like this perfume, I do not think I will repurchase as there are other perfumes I would like to purchase in the future. However, if sweet-smelling, girly scents are your thing, this would very likely be right up your alley! =)
Where can I purchase this?- So far I've seen it in selected Watson's such as the one in Sunway Pyramid and at Bloop Cosmetics counters like in Sunway Pyramid and Sogo Kuala Lumpur. I'm not sure where else sells this but if you do, do let me know!
So since we are on the Lily Junior Kimmidoll® subject, I thought I might as well show you the pencil case I purchased in the Kimmidoll® Junior shop in Bangkok when I went last year. Just love this character- she's so cute! =D
Have you tried any Kimmidoll® Junior fragrances? What do you think? Do you have any sweet-smelling fragrances that you would recommend? I always would like to know! =D
xx Amanda


  1. i saw this at klcc watson! they smell so good! i like the pink one!
    the perfume seems to nicely blend well with your wallpaper! hehe... i love it!

    1. Oh thanks for the info Sabrina! Yea, I agree they do smell good. The pink one smells lovely too! They all do. Haha! And aww... thanks! =D


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