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Review: Models Own Mirrorball Hot Stuff + NOTD

Hello dears!

It feels like it's been ages since I last blogged, although I know it's probably only been about a week. I was looking through the posts on my blog and realised the last time I did a nail polish review/ NOTD was in October last year! It's really funny because since then, I've been collecting way more nail varnishes than the two Topshop nail polishes that I first got when I came over. It's been really hard taking pictures of nail polishes and my nails though because the lighting in my room is not what I would call suitable for taking pictures- it's a bit too orange for my liking. But I still try. =)

Product: Models Own Hot Stuff - Mirrorball Collection
Price:  £5 (approx. RM25)
Made in: England
Content: 14ml/ 0.47 fl oz
When I first saw the Models Own Mirrorball collection in Boots, I was instantly drawn to Hot Stuff. What's not to like? It's pink, it's bright, it's glitter (I'm a glitter polish addict) and despite being pink, it still manages to look colourful (at least to me).
Colour: Hot Stuff is definitely hot stuff (pun intended =D ). It is a sheer jelly base polish filled with a pretty mixture of differently coloured and different sized glitter. There are tiny fuschia and red glitter particles, and then there's the slightly bigger gold and silver square shaped ones. To top that off, there are diamond shaped glitter as well as glitter particles that look like they have been shredded and thrown into this mixture. Overall effect - gorgeous. The different colours blend really well and the different shapes and sizes of the glitter provide an interesting speckled effect to the overall look as they contrast yet complement each other well. 
Packaging: The packaging is pretty cute - I like how the bottle cap matches the colour of the nail polish. It's one of the only collections offered by Models Own that has 'matching cap to colour of nail polish', so I thought it was an interesting thing- it definitely stands out from my other nail polish bottles! Hot Stuff comes in a sturdy glass bottle. Other than that, it's pretty much a standard nail polish bottle, really.
Application/Texture/Consistency: Hot Stuff has a pretty runny consistency, which makes applicatio easy in the sense that it is not gloopy or thick and clumpy, but as a glitter polish, it does make applying the glitter a tad difficult. Although the glitter looks dense and compact in the bottle, it is actually pretty spread out once applied, and I find it is easier to dab the polish onto the nail and then spread the glitter out, instead of brushing it on directly to ensure that I get the amount of glitter I want on my nails. As the glitter is pretty spread out, I think this would also work better as a layering polish instead of using it by itself. I have not tried using it by itself but I can imagine I would need at least 4-5 coats to get an opaque finish. The brush is also quite thin, but it does help spread the polish well, just needs abit more strokes to spread it. =) It also does leave a a slight scratchy texture and the bigger glitter pieces do get caught in fluff or cloth at times but a top coat does help reduce this effect. They are a pain to remove, though.
Durability: I think it's pretty hard to say because I guess it depends on the base colour that I'm wearing but this lasted on my nail for about 3-4 days before chipping badly.

Below are pictures of Hot Stuff. I've put in many pictures taken in different lighting conditions and different backgrounds- hopefully I can show you how pretty it looks! I paired it with a bright girly pink polish but I think it would look lovely on others colour and also black polish!



With flash

With flash

With flash

Price: At £5 a bottle, I would think it's a bit at the more expensive scale for a high street brand and at RM25, it is way more than I would spend on nail polish. But the glitter is so unique and gorgeous that I'm glad I bought it.

The nail polish I used as the base polish in this look is Essie's Lovie Dovie.

Would I repurchase?- Probably not. Not because it's not a good glitter polish, but mainly because there's so many others I want to try! But this is a colour I definitely recommend if pinks are right up your alley!

Where can I purchase this?- You can find this in Boots or on Models Own website HERE.

Have you tried any of the Mirrorball nail polishes? Do you like them? Any others from the range you would recommend? =D

xx Amanda


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