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Product Empties #2 - February 2013

Hello dolls!

Was looking at the empty comtainers I've kept stashed away and decided it's time for another round of 'Product Empties'! Like I mentioned in my first 'Product Empties' post, the month stated in the title is not the month that I finished up all the products mentioned in my post (it would be cool if I could finish products up fast- more reason to try many more!); instead it is the month that I type the post. Most products mentioned in these type of posts are empty product containers which I have kept for a few months for the main purpose of writing these posts. =D So let's jump right in to it!

For the fun of it, I decided to have rounded corners for the pictures in this post. Lemme know what you think, whether you prefer rounded corners or straight corners. =D
1. Imperial Leather SkinKind Hydrate Cotton Extract & Oat Milk Bath Milk (£1+)
- This product featured in my October 2012 Favourites and is a product I will repurchase after my two other bottles run out (I'm currently haflway through my second bottle!). There's not much to say about it except that it smells really nice (like oats and milk), leaves my skin feeling smooth, is affordable and does not irritate my sensitive skin! =D
2. Hade Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash (RM28.90 - approx. £5.78)
- I was really sad when this finished. This cleanser lasted me ages- I had it for more than a year! So it's definitely value for money, in my opinion. This lightweight cleanser with a creamy texture does an excellent job in cleaning my face with stripping the natural oils off my face. My face is left clean, soft and smooth. I never experienced any skin irritation or breakouts with this product (when I did have pimples, it definitely was not because of this product). However, I have heard that some people do break out after using this so I guess it really boils down to how your skin reacts to it, since everyone is different. I will buy this again when I go home!
3. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine Shampoo (£3.79-approx. RM18.95/RM13.90)
- I don't know if I said this before, but it's really funny how I had to fly halfway across the world before I decided to buy and try this product. I like how it smells - a coconut-y floral scent that never fails to lift my mood everytime I get a whiff of it. It does leave my hair feeling clean, but only seems to do an average job at making my hair soft or smooth. My hair tends to feel rather rough and gets slightly tangled after using this so I don't think I'll be repurchasing this.
4. Cacharel NOA Perfumed Stardust Body Lotion (I could not find the price)
- When I first arrived here, I had next to no toiletries, so in order to save some money, my aunt gave me some body lotions, and this was one of them. It has a very strong, prominent scent - very floral with a hint of musk. It's not the kind of scent I usually go for but as a body lotion it's fine. The lotion itself had a runny texture, which I liked as it sank easily into the skin without leaving a sticky, greasy feel like some thicker lotions tend to do. It also smells exactly like the Cacharel NOA perfume so this would be great to layer under the perfume to make it last longer. The only annoying thing to me was the glitter particles in the lotion. They felt gritty and did not stick on my skin, so the fell everywhere and left a glitter trail behind me. Otherwise, it's not bad a lotion. Would I purchase this? - No.
5. Etude House Skin Malgeum Deep Moist Care Freshener (Full Sized - RM79.90 - approx. £15.98)
- This product featured briefly in my Etude House haul post where I got this as a freebie after having spent so much. This claims to be a hydrating toner, and I do agree that it does hydrate and moisturise the skin. It smells fresh and light- something like floral-scented soap (I think). I like the effect it gives my skin, but it does smell lightly of alcohol, and that irks me off quite a bit. It did not leave my skin feeling oily or sticky, nor did it cause me any skin reactions or break outs. However, my sis has also tried it and found it to make her skin oily. Would I purchase? Maybe. I'm still deliberating 'cause it's quite pricey! However, the full-sized bottle is 250ml so that would surely last a while.
6. Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer (not sure of pricing)
- I think this product has been discontinued but I'll talk briefly about it anyway. This serum is meant to renew the skin's cells, producing brighter, fresh skin. This sample was given to me after the previous owner complained it made her break out. The texture of this serum has a silicone feel to it, and it's quite lightweight on the skin. The first time I used it, it made my skin red and hot, so I stopped for a while. Gave it another go about two weeks after and experienced no reaction, but I guess this may irritate sensitive skin. It made my skin feel nice and the condition did improve, although I realised that that was the case only when the this product was on my face. So I guess even if this was still available, I probably would not buy it 'cause at the end of the day, it did not really do anything for my skin.
7. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm (RM8.90-approx. £1.78/ £1.65 in Boots & Superdrug)
- I can never rave enough about this lipbalm. It is a staple of mine. I don't know how many tubes I've gone through, and I guess that shows just how many of these I've used up! It's provides a thick, non-sticky layer on the lips which conditions and moisturises my lips well. I like that it's fragrance-free, because I mainly use this when I go to bed, and I would not want to be tempted to lick my lipbalm off should it taste delish! If you're looking for an affordable lipbalm that does a pretty good job in conditioning the lips, I highly recommend this one. Definitely repurchasing.
So that's it for my product empties! Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Do you have any product empties posts that you'd like to share? Feel free to put the link below! =D
xx Amanda


  1. Well done on finishing up so many products. I want to crack down with the share amount of bathroom products I own and Makeup items. Im slowly getting there!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. Thank you! I've got loads to go through that's why! Hope you'll get through yours too. =D


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