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Liebster Blog Award x6!

Hello dolls!
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So this post should have been long posted but I never got around to doing it. I decided it's high time I posted this so let's jump right into it! I've been nominated four times for this lovely award by four different lovely bloggers: Ashleigh from Faeries and Fashion, Zayla from My Makeup Diary, Yinyin from Yinyin Loves, Kirsty from Taupe & Pearl., Monica from Monica Loves Makeup, and Dani from Lace, Lipstick and Me. Thank you so much girls! Am really flattered and I really appreciate it!

The Liebster Award is basically an 'award' to acknowledge new blogs which a person thinks is worth a read.
The rules:
- You have to post 11 facts about themselves
- Answer the 11 questions posed by the nominator
- Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers on their blog to complete this tag 'award'
- No tag backs and the bloggers nominated must be linked to the post and informed of their nomination
- Also link back to the person who nominated you
I find that this is a good way to discover new different blogs as well as learn a little bit more about the blogger. I also enjoy reading posts like these at times when I just feel like reading something a little different besides the usual makeup posts that I enjoy.
Since I have been nominated six times and I have to answer many questions, I'm gonna compress everything. So instead of stating 44 facts about myself and nominating 44 other bloggers, I will do just the main 11 for each category. I will answer all questions by my nominators, of course. =D
11 Facts about Myself
1. I am Chinese but was born and have lived in Malaysia all my life (although I am currently living in the UK).
2. I have a thing for bananas and banana-flavoured food. Banana milk, banana ice cream, banana cake, banana muffin, banana cookies etc- love them!
3. I used to own a pet terrapin which I named Prince.
4. I have wavy dark brown hair with lots of flyaways and baby curls (which can be annoying)
5. I do not like cucumbers.

6. I secretly wish I could fly so that I will never have to be stuck in a traffic jam

7. Playing badminton and watching romantic comedies and TV series are things I enjoy doing during my free time

8. I speak English, Malay, intermediate Japanese and basic Mandarin (not very impressive-haha!)

9. I have a huge pan mee (a Chinese noodle dish) addiction

10. I have been in a long-distance relationship for almost 3 years (we have dated for almost 4 years)

11. I need at least 8 hours sleep in order to not function like a sloth (hehe!)
Moving on the questions posted by my nominators!
Questions by Ashleigh fromFaeries and Fashion
1. What is your favourite colour?
- I don't particularly have a favourite colour, but I do like brights like yellow, turquoise, and hot pink!

2. What would be your dream job?
- I just completed my law degree and am planning to enter the legal field, but I would love to teach. Teaching small children would be preferable but I'm not fussy with teaching in university or high school. =)

3. If any mythical creature could exist, which one would you pick and why?
- I would pick dragons 'cause I think they are just such beautiful, majestic creatures. I would love to watch a baby dragon hatch too so that's probably why. Haha!
4. What has been a past fashion or beauty regret that makes you cringe?
- I don't really know if this is cringe-worthy but I used to wear light green eye shadow and pair it with baby pink lipstick! That does not really sound very complementary, now that I think about it. Hee!
5. What is your favourite animal?
- I like dogs. Small dogs. =D
6. What makeup item can you not leave the house without? 
- I can't leave the house without tinted lip balm because it is super easy to just slick on the lips. I especially like cherry red tinted lip balms as it leaves a rosy tint on the lips brightening my complexion without me having to apply a lot of makeup. The fact that it also conditions my lips is a plus point!
7. What is your favourite Disney film?
- Oh no, this is difficult! I really like Disney movies, but I guess if I had to pick one I'd choose Hercules. I've watched that movie for I-don't-know-how-many-times and I am still not sick of it. Mythical creatures and a hunky hero? Yes. =D
8. Would you rather have no mobile phone or no laptop for the rest of your life?
- No mobile phone, since I'm not much on it anyway. But without a laptop, I don't know I'll live without watching my favourite dramas, TV series, and blogging for my lovely readers!
9. What are your top 5 pet peeves/ hates?
- Arrogant/cocky people
- When someone jumps a queue
- Slow and inefficient public transport
- Bad Internet connection
- Insects 
10. What is your favourite junk food to eat?
- I love eating chocolate. I can go through a whole 100g bar without even realising it!
11. Who is your fashion inspiration?
- Blake Lively. She's gorgeous, has an amazing figure and she has a great sense of style.
Questions by Zayla from My Makeup Diary
1. What is your compact powder brand that you are wearing right now?
- To be honest, I do not use compact powder because I dislike how it makes my face look cakey and powdery, but I do have compact powder just in case, and I use the brand Silkygirl.
2. What is your favourite magazine?
- Glamour UK! It's really pricey back in Malaysia though, so back home I read Cleo.
3. Name your top3 Youtube beauty guru you like to watch.
- xteeener, beautycrush, and stillglamorous
4. Which one you prefer to apply your foundation, by hand @ using brush?

- I prefer to apply my foundation using my fingers because I find that the warmth from my fingers helps warm up the product better and makes it easier to blend and gives a more natural finish.

5. What is in your April 2013 favourites?
- I can't answer this question because April has already passed (so sorry!) but I can state a few of my current favourites. I am currently liking Look Beauty Single Eyeshadow in Cami, The Body Shop's Mango Perfume, and Sleek Candy Collection Blush by 3 in Sweet Cheeks.
6. Are you working @ studying?
- I am still studying although I have just finished my degree. I will continue on to do the Bar course before starting work!
7. What is your favourite colour?
- Like I mentioned above, I don't have a favourite colour but I do like brights like hot pink, yellow and turquoise.
8. Which one you prefer, matte @ shimmer eyeshadow?
- I prefer shimmer eye shadow as it really helps make my eyes look more 'open' and brighter. I do like matte eye shadow for highlighting under the brow bone though. =)
9. Are you willing to spend more on your makeup brush? (Yes/No)
- No
10. Where is your favourite place to buy your beauty/ makeup stuff?
- In Malaysia, I like getting my beauty products from Watsons. Here in the UK, I like going to Superdrug.
11. What is your favourite accessories?
- I like wearing necklaces and earrings. Statement or not, it depends on how I feel and the outfit I am pairing it with. Hehe!

Questions by Yinyin from Yinyin Loves
1. Why do you enjoy blogging?
- I enjoy blogging because it is an outlet for me to share my opinion about products that I have tried. Blogging also enables me to share my passion for makeup with people who have a similar interest, and it's a great way to connect with those who enjoy the same thing! =D
2. Favourite clothing brand?
- This is a tough question. I wear clothes from many different brands and I like many different brands. I guess one that I really like is H&M.
3. Favourite fashion/beauty trend for summer?
- Fashion trend: Aztec/Tribal print
- Beauty trend: Bright lips
4. Where is your dream holiday destination?
- I want so badly to visit Venice and Rome! They both seem like beautiful cities!
5. Best moment of 2013 so far?
- Getting my degree results. I hoped for the best but expected the worst. My results were better than expected so I can only thank God for it!
6. Least liked make up item?
- Compact/Face powder
7. Top 3 songs this year (so far)?
- Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble
- Toploader- Dancing in the Moonlight
- Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven
8. What are you looking forward to this summer?
- Travelling around and visiting new places. I also looked forward to coming back to Malaysia and now that I am here, I just want to spend time with my family and chill.
9. What's your signature scent?
- I don't have a signature scent! Honestly. Haha! I do like sweet fruity scents though, so you'll most likely catch me wearing a scent like that.
10. What TV series are you hooked on at the moment?
- I watch way too many TV series. The ones I'm hooked on ATM are Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Game of Thrones, Drop Dead Diva, Once Upon a Time, Running Man
11. Favourite pair of shoes?
- My Fitflop sandals!
Questions by Kirsty from Taupe & Pearl
1. What would be your one desert island beauty product?
- Tinted lip balm! Can't live without it. It's a lifesaver for days when I look 'bleh'. Hehe!
2. Have you ever had a fashion or beauty disaster?
- I am not sure if I ever had a fashion/beauty disaster- I'd like to think I did not!
3. What would be your dream career?
- Like I mentioned above, I would love to teach one day, although for now as a law graduate I intend to enter the legal field.
4. Underwear- matching or mismatched?
- I'm a mismatched person mainly because I could not be bothered. Haha!
5. How did you choose your blog name?
- I wanted to include the word 'beauty' in the name, but wanted it to sound catchy, so I randomly matched words which I think would match beauty and came up with the word 'beautee'. Hence, beauteebeauty. =)
6. Can you describe your personality in three words?
- Bubbly, strong-headed, and determined.
7. High waisted or low waisted?
- Low-waisted. I think it flatters my figure more. =)
8. What's your favourite highstreet beauty brand?
- I like Rimmel! They make good lipsticks and nail polishes. =D
9. Do you have any piercings, tattoos or big scars?
- Just one piercing on each ear. I do have a scar on my right knee from where I had an operation to remove a skin growth.
10. What do you like least about blogging?
- I think it would be the process of taking pictures and uploading them. I always seem to never have good lighting whenever I want to take pictures so it annoys me at times. Also, when I want to take shots of makeup on my eyes/lips etc, my face always seems to be in bad condition! Haha!
11. What's your favourite memory from the 12 months?
- When the boyfriend gave me a surprise visit at my university hall (we are doing long-distance) for the Valentine's weekend this year. I had an assignment due then and he popped up at my hall with chocolates and a cute card. It was great because I just needed him there for support and I had missed him. =3

Questions by Monica from Monica Loves Makeup
1. Eyeliner or Mascara?
 - Mascara for sure! It always helps make the eyes look bigger and brighter.
2. In reality, do you wear makeup everyday?
 -No, I only tend to wear it for special occasions, or whenever I feel like it.
3. Are you persuing a career in the beauty industry? Or something completely different?
 - No, it would be great if I was though! I am aspiring to be a lawyer. =)
4. If you could be a celebrity for the day, who would you pick?
 - I would be Blake Lively! Would like to know what it feels like to look that gorgeous and to be married to Ryan Reynolds. Haha!
5. Ulta or Sephora?
 - Most likely Ulta- I love me my drugstore/pharmacy brands.
6. What is your favorite lipstick color?
 - Cherry/berry red. It really brightens up my complexion and complements my skin tone well.
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
 - I would go to Greece. Athens looks like a beautiful place steeped in culture and I would love to visit the islands in Greece!
8. Bright wardrobe or Neutrals?
 - Brights!
9. What is your favorite type of food?
 - Japanese and Chinese food!
10. What is your favorite brand of clothing?
 - Don't really have a favourite brand but I do like brands like Forever 21, Cotton On, H&M, New Look and Kitschen.
11. What do you find most beautiful about yourself?
- My smile and laugh. Apparently I have an infectious smile and laugh. Hehe!

Questions by Dani from Lace, Lipstick and Me
1. Where is your favourite place to eat?
- It really depends! In Malaysia, I like eating at Chilly Pan Mee and Face to Face for pan mee, and at Sushi Zanmai for Japanese food. In the UK, I like eating at Toby's Carvery for a good Sunday roast or at the local pub for English food.

2. Would you rather be a singer or an actor/actress?
- Definitely a singer! I love singing. =D
3. What do you wear more often, eyeshadow or lipstick?
- Lipstick. I feel funny if my lips are bare. Even if I do not wear lipstick, I would wear lip balm at the very least.
4. What is your favourite clothing shop?
 Don't really have a favourite clothing shop but I do like shops like Forever 21, Cotton On, H&M, New Look, Topshop and Kitschen.
5. Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?
- Hands for feet because I would be able to spread my fingers out and balance myself when I walk (I think). I doubt I would be able to write if my feet were my hands.
6. If you could look like any celebrity who would you choose?
- Blake Lively!
7. Do you prefer spending a lot on one expensive item or spending the equal amount on a range of cheaper items?
- The latter option. I feel like there are many cheaper products out there which are comparable to an expensive item, so with the same amount of money, I might as well have a few more items. =D
8. What is your favourite name for a boy and a girl?
- I like this question! This was on my 'list of questions to ask' too. Haha! For a boy, I like the name Aiden, for a girl, I like the name Giselle.
9. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
- Tea.
10. Would you rather visit America or Australia?
- America! I think that with the country being so big, there's loads of things to see and do!
11. Would you prefer being the tallest person in the world or the shortest?
-Shortest. I think it would be easier to find a life partner compared to be being the tallest woman in the world. Hee!
Thank you so much for the nomination girls! Anyway, here are my 11 questions:
1. What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?
2. What is your favourite food?
3. If you could have one superpower, what would you have and why?
4. What is your favourite name for a girl and boy?
5. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
6. Are you a foundation person or BB Cream person?
7. What was/is your least favourite subject at high school?
8. Who is your style icon?
9. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
10. What is your favourite animal?
11. If you could be an actor/actress for a day, who would you be?
I nominate these lovely dolls:
Looking forward to reading your posts girls! Do leave me the link below of your post so I can check it out! =D
xx Amanda


  1. I love reading these! :)

    I think it is great that you are aspiring to be a lawyer. That's really awesome!

    1. Me too! And thank you! Studying to be a lawyer is hard work, but very rewarding. =) thank you for the nomination- am touched! =D

  2. Ooh I loved reading this! Small dogs are my favourite animal too haha! And Rimmel make such amazing lipsticks x

    1. Thanks! Nice to find another small dog lover out there! =D Thank you for the nomination! =D

  3. Congratulations Amanda, This is amazing!
    I just clicked on the link from your comment and I am so glad I did.
    I love your blog! Consider me a new follower via, bloglovin & google!


    1. Thanks Jeannie! Am glad you enjoy my blog- it is always nice to read comments like this hehe! Thanks for the follow- appreciate it! =D

  4. Thank you for nominating me - I will start to draft a post right away ^^

    1. You're welcome! Would love to read your post on it! =D

  5. Great answers! Had fun reading this post.. Glad to know more about you ;-)

    Make sure you get your fix of pan mee when you're back in Malaysia.. I can never get enough of it! Haha..

    Anyway, thanks for nominating me babe! XO

    1. Thanks dear! Yep am definitely getting my fix of pan mee- love it! =D You're welcome- looking forward to reading your post on it! =)

  6. great blog, new follower :)



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