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Review: Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown |

Hello dolls!

Small eyes are something I have lived with for my whole life. Add on a button nose and I am known as 'cute'. Haha! I have also worn spectacles for almost my whole life, but have been wearing contact lenses the past few years to help stabilise my power, for special occasions or when I want to look less studious. So, when I was given the opportunity by GlassesOnline Malaysia to test contact lenses that not only made me look less 'studious', but also have bigger, wider-looking eyes, I could not say no!

Product: Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown*
Price: RM48 per box (Glasses Online price)
Made in: Singapore
Content: Two (2) lenses per box

What it claims: The beautifully designed cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger, brighter eyes in a flash. It is a natural shade suitable for a natural look and has a defined outline for an alluring effect. The hydrophilic surface of the lens provides for comfortable wear and is easy to fit without any problems of lens curling. It also has a large optical zone for clear, excellent vision. (information taken and edited from the Freshkon website)

Freshkon Alluring Eyes comes in four shades- Winsome Brown, Mystical Black, Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey. I was undecided as to what shade I wanted to try but decided to go for Winsome Brown* as I had never tested brown contact lenses before. These lenses are also a monthly wear lens.

Product Specifications:

Water Content- 55%
Diameter- 14.2mm
Base Curve- 8.6mm

Packaging: These come packaged in a standard cardboard box with information regarding the contact lens and a brief idea of how the colour of the lenses look like. The lenses themselves come packaged in a plastic container containing solution, and is covered with a foil sheet that can be removed in order to take out the lenses. Nothing extraordinary about the packaging- just simple and fuss-free.

Colour: Winsome Brown* is an oh-so-natural shade of brown that is barely noticeable unless I stare at my eyes really hard and close- which I like as I chose these lenses mainly because I wanted my eyes to look brighter, and not because I wanted it to be a different colour.The brown shade encompasses the area where the iris would be and there is a dark brown outline which is only slightly distinctive, hence giving the eyes a subtle defined look.

Diameter: When I initially wore these 14.2mm diameter lenses, I thought that there was a massive difference in the size of my actual iris and my iris which had the contact lens. The effect was that I had doll-like eyes, making me look like I jumped out of a Japanese anime. However, after wearing these lenses for a couple of days, the effect wore out on me. I still think the Alluring Eyes lenses do enhance the size of the iris, but the difference is not a huge one when compared to my actual iris size. So, if you are looking for a cosmetic contact lens that gives you a real doll-like effect, this may not satisfy that requirement as the diameter is not big enough to give a Japanese-doll eye look. However, if you want a toned-down and subtle doe-eyed look, this may be the right lens for you.

Fit and Level of Comfort: The fit of these lenses are rather similar to the Bausch & Lomb monthly contact lens that I usually wear. It fits the shape of my eyeball nicely, and the extra diameter of the lens and the coloured area of the lens did not cause any annoyance or discomfort to my eyes. The shape of Winsome Brown* also makes it easy to discern which is the 'right' side of the lens so that I wear the lenses the proper side and avoid discomfort. The lenses boast of having a 55% water content, which is more than the water content of many other lenses. However, I found that my eyes feel slightly dry and uncomfortable even after I have just worn the lenses, although that dry discomfort does not happen all the time, so it is quite unpredictable. I do have sensitive eyes and am able to wear these for about 6 hours before my eyes start getting quite red and I know that it is time to remove them. For those who do not have sensitive eyes, it is possible that you may be able to wear these lenses for a period longer than 6 hours- however, 6 hours was the maximum amount of time I was able to wear it, unfortunately.

Here's some shots of my eyes wearing the contact lenses as well as some funny face shots- hee!

Doing a silly face!

Here's a close-up comparison shot of one eye without the lens and the other eye wearing it:-

Left: No contact lens worn    Right: Winsome Brown* worn

Can you see a huge difference in sizes of the irises based on my picture above? I cannot, there's only a small difference to me- haha! The eye of left side of the picture is my actual iris, whereas the eye on the right side of the picture is the iris after I have worn Winsome Brown*. The difference is so slight and subtle that it is hardly noticeable; but there is a difference as the eye on the right is a tiny bit bigger. The colour of the irises also do not look very different unless I am looking at very bright light- only then can the colour difference be noticed.

Conclusion: I do think these lenses make my eyes look slightly bigger and brighter, but the effect is not very obvious unless I compare my eyes; or compare pictures or stare closely. I do not think that these lenses give a Japanese doll-eye look so if that is what you are after, this is unlikely to be for you. However, if you are looking for a lens that enhances your eye look, makes your eyes look slightly defined, and making you look that little bit cuter (hehe!), then this may fit the bill. I did not find the lenses to be very comfortable, and only managed to get a maximum of 6 hours wear from there. However, I do have sensitive eyes, and everyone's eyes may react differently to this product.

Would I purchase?- I do not think so, as there are other coloured lenses (like green coloured ones) that I am rather keen to try. However, these lenses are of good quality, and do give the eyes a slight enhanced look- so if that is what you are looking for, do give this a go!

You may or may not be wondering...

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So I know this is a long post, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! =D
Have you tried Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses? Do you like them? What colour contact lenses would you recommend? =D
xx Amanda


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  2. These lenses are only available in Asia, so you have to order it online. There are 3 styles: Vivid, Natural Shine and Accent. ContactsCow

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