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Review: Pharmaclinix Sun Blockex Cream Review

Hello dolls!

Recently I have been obssessed with skincare. Moisturisers, serums, cleansers, face masks - you name it. In fact, I've just placed a mega skincare haul (which I may share with you lovelies soon once they all arrive!) but anyway, back to the product at hand. Despite having many skincare products, one product which I sorely lack in my skincare collection is a moisturiser with SPF in it, and that is where Sun Blockex fills in that huge gap in my skincare collection!

What is PharmaClinix, you wonder?
PharmaClinix is a company which produces an extensive range of clinically tested skincare products specfically designed for Asian, Arabic and darker skin tones to even out hyperpigmentation, acne and scarring (although I don't see how our fairer lovelies won't be able to use these products- I think they should be suitable for fairer skin tones too).

Product: PharmaClinix Sun Blockex Cream*
Price: £39.99 (approx. RM220)
Made in: United Kingdom
Content: 50ml

What it claims: Sun Blockex* is a highly moisturising total sun block cream featuring titanium dioxide to provide maximum protection of SPF 50 against UVA & UVB rays. It also protects from hyperpigmentation, and protects skin during microdermabrasion, and after laser skin therapy and chemical peels. It is suitable for all ages and does not leave a glossy white sheen behind, and is ideal for use pre-makeup application.

Here's the list of ingredients, if you're interested:-

Do I agree with what it claims? Read on to find out!

Packaging: Sun Blockex* comes packaged in sturdy, metal-looking plastic tub which I find aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is a lovely glossy purple-indigo with silver 'metal' detailing, and although I do feel it looks slightly clinical, it has that professional feel about it that is a quality lacking in the packaging of many products I own. It also comes with a white little cover to protect the product inside from spilling out. I've dropped it (by pure accident, of course) a few times and it has not cracked or dented at all. The cardboard box the tub comes packaged in is also of good quality - it is sturdy cardboard, I like! The good thing about a tub is that I can see how much product is in the tub, and use up everything in the tub. The downside of a tub is that it can be unsanitary for me to dip my fingers into the product each time I use it. Although my fingers are clean, I still feel like I am somewhat contaminating it. It would have been great if a little spatula came with it to scoop out product, but otherwise, the packaging is good.

PS. I'm sorry if the following pictures show the tub looking more indigo than purple - my camera decided to go wonky and refused to capture its lovely purple colour! The first picture above depicts the colour rather accurately, though. =)

Scent: This face cream has a very strong scent, and I am a little unsure of how to describe it. To me, it has a strong herbal floral scent which reminds me of Indian spices and herbs (am probably not making much sense but cannot think of how else to describe it). I found the scent off-putting at first but I have gotten used to it and have come to appreciate it as being part of the product. Also, I do have very sensitive skin and I found that the scent caused no irritation to my skin, which is a good thing. However, the scent does linger for quite a while after being applied on the face, so for those who dislike strong scents on the face, just thought I'd let you know. This does not bother me though so I do not mind.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Sun Blockex has a very interesting texture. It feels like a cream, but with a whipped cream, mousse-like texture. It is so interesting that I look forward to using it every morning just to feel its fluffy texture- hee! The fluffy texture lasts even while applying it on the skin. I find that when applied, it has quite a thick texture, and has to be spread and smoothed out on the skin quickly otherwise it becomes rather difficult to blend out and leaves slight streaks on the skin. Also, I found that if I rubbed it or massaged it too much, it balled up, so I find that it works best if I just dab it around my face, and blend it in one area at a time in quick spreading motions, and then I pat it into my skin. I also only need to use a little product (about the size of two peas) to cover my face and neck, so I can see this lasting me a while.

Once smoothed out on the skin, it leaves my skin looking healthier, and brighter. I feel that it looks brighter because it actually does leave a white sheen, but this white sheen fades off after one or two hours, and does not wash me out when I use flash photography, so it's fine. It also leaves my face looking matte, in a natural way, and is a brilliant base for my foundation as I find that it helps my foundation stay on slightly longer than if I were to put foundation on my bare skin. It is also true to its claim of being a non-greasy cream!

What I like best about this product is the fact that it contains SPF 50, so I can be rest assured that my skin is well protected from the sun, and it saves me the step of wearing sun block if I were to use a moisturiser without SPF.

Directions for use: Apply liberally and gently massage onto your face and exposed areas prior to sun exposure.

I have been using this product daily in the morning for a month now and it has not caused my skin any irritation or breakouts. However, my skin has been rather dry for the last two weeks this past month and I found this did not provide enough moisture to my skin, especially since the winds this past month have been rather harsh here. I combat this by applying a thin layer of another moisturiser before applying Sun Blockex and I realise that this actually helps Sun Blockex apply easier on my skin! Those with oilier skin types or those in more humid weather may find this to provide adequate moisture to their skin. Also, I did not find that it left a heavy feeling on my skin- which is always a good thing!

Oh, and before I absolutely forget, I can't say that it's helped protect my skin against hyperpigmentation because I already have slight hyperpigmentation due to acne previously, but I feel like it has helped lighten and improved my hyperpigmentation slightly- and just in one month's use- that's decently impressive!

Would I purchase this? - I am still undecided on this, so I would have to say 'maybe'. I like that it contains SPF 50 and has helped improve my hyperpigmentation slightly. I honestly enjoy the fluffy whipped cream texture, and I like how it brightens my complexion and is not greasy. But at the same time, because my skin has been rather dry recently, I did not find that it provided me with the moisture that my skin, and this is a major concern of mine for now which I am trying to tackle. I also find the price a little steep for my student budget. I do think however, that if you have an oilier skin type, and are looking for a 2-in-1 sun block/moisturiser which also acts as a makeup base and helps slowly and slightly fade hyperpigmentation, this is definitely a product worth trying!

Where can I purchase this?- If you're in the UK, you can find this in John Bell & Croyden instore. Otherwise, you can find this at PharmaClinix online.

Have you tried PharmaClinix products? =)

xx Amanda


  1. Looks like a really nice product :o Specially the packaging (quite reminds me of the Glamglow )
    I might check another products from them :3
    Take care*

    1. Hi Diana! It is not bad a product. Yeah the packaging is rather similar to Glamglow. Hopefully you'll find products from them you like! xx

  2. thanks for sharing the review!
    sunscreen is really important for all of us.


    1. Glad you liked it! And I agree - sunscreen is really important! =)


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