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Review: Color Club Fiesta Nail Polish | Flamingo & Sunrise Canyon

Hello darlings!
I've finally been able to sit down, look at the pictures of products I have taken and write a review after a one month plus hiatus. I have safely arrived in Malaysia and have spent the past week being jet lagged so I did nothing much except sleep, eat and hide from the sun. Hehe! Today's review is about a nail polish duo set I picked up from TK Maxx while browsing its crowded aisles.
If you are wondering what TK Maxx is, it is an 'off-price' retailer which sells branded goods at a cheaper price- kinda like F.O.S or The Reject Shop in Malaysia. TK Maxx is known as TJ Maxx in USA. Anyway, prior to owning this nail varnish set, I had only vaguely heard of the brand Color Club and was sceptical when purchasing it. Regardless, I took the plunge as I could not resist the colours!

Product: Color Club Nail Polish in Flamingo and Sunrise Canyon (Fiesta Collection)
Price: £3.99 a set (approx. RM20)
Made in: USA
Content: 15ml/0.5 Fl Oz each

Here's the list of ingredients:-

l-r: Flamingo, Sunrise Canyon

This duo polish set consists of two colours from the Fiesta Collection, a collection that came out some time earlier this year. The collection consists of bright, cheery colours perfect for colouring your digits for summer. Only two out of six polishes from this collection caught my eye, and I'm pleased that they came as a set. Anyway, it did not take me long to part with some cash at the counter. Hehe!
I'll start by mentioning the colours and then I'll get right into the review!

Sunrise Canyon

Colour: Sunrise Canyon- the best way to describe this colour would be to say that it is a chartreuse green. It is a mix of green and yellow, and while the colour looks like it could be a lime green, there are yellow undertones to this colour which makes it difficult for me to classify it as a lime green. It reminds me of the colour of Shrek, or how cartoons portray the colour of snot. I think it is a colour that you may either like or dislike- in my case, I like it. It's quite different from colours I'm used to wearing, and I don't own any shades similar to this, so it is a pretty unique colour for a nail varnish. It's quite bright, but not in-your-face; definitely what I consider a summer shade!

Sunrise Canyon

Next is...


Colour: Flamingo is a bright pink bordering neon pink. It's very bright (dare I say glaring?) and is definitely an attention grabber. Neon pink nail polishes are hard to come by, so this is a rare gem to me. The only other nail polish which I have found to be very similar to this (possibly a dupe) is The Face Shop's Nail Polish in PK 109. This does make my hand look a little tan, though, which may be good for those who want that, but I don't really want to look tan, so that aspect does not fare too well with me. I did receive a lot of compliments when I sported this polish, though, so I guess I can forgive it for making my hand look tan! =D


On to the combined review!

Packaging: These Color Club polishes come in the standard sturdy glass bottles that the majority of nail polishes come packaged in. Nothing fancy about it- the 'color club' words come printed on the front of the bottle. The black cap matches the bottle well. Simple, fuss-free packaging, 'nuff said.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Both polishes have a slight runny consistency, although Sunrise Canyon has a more runny consistency out of the two. Flamingo is not very streaky when applied, but Sunrise Canyon can get rather streaky- both need at least two coats to get an opaque finish as well as to even out the streakiness. Despite the streaky factor, they are not difficult to apply as the brush (which is neither too thin nor thick) gives just enough control to allow the polish to be applied nicely on the nails. Drying time is quite quick, about 15 minutes per layer- which is a plus point.

Durability: Both polishes lasted on my nails for approx. 4 days before chipping badly without the use of a top coat and base coat.

Here's swatches of Sunrise Canyon:-

And here's swatches of Flamingo:-

Price: At £3.99 (approx. RM20) for two polishes, each polish in this set costs approx. £2 (approx. RM10), which is a decent price for a nail polish. Individually, they each cost £5 (approx. RM25), so this set is a bargain, I'd say. =)

Would I repurchase?- I like both colours, and the quality of these polishes are decent for the price, but I do not think I will repurchase as after purchasing this set, I have found other chartreuse polishes which I am keen on trying, and one almost-neon pink polish is more than enough for me. =)

Where can I purchase this?- I've tried searching for places to buy this in Malaysia but I could not find any links/places so I am guessing it is not available in Malaysia. In the UK, this may be available in TK Maxx; and it is also available to purchase individually online at the Color Club website.

Have you tried any Color Club polishes? Have you tried anything from this collection? What would you recommend? =)

xx Amanda


  1. I love the Pink nail varnish!!

    Holly xxx


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